Round 11 2016/2017 – Premier League Pick Results

So round 11 was a tough round for everyone except for the Super Compters who finished towards the top.  KMFE finished dead last but still leads the season standings!


Was happy to finish above LJ this week as he came in with a couple of positive weeks and was showing off a little.  Nice to get him bumped back into the reality that is the fickleness of the results that can send you from top to bottom in a hurry.

Unfortunately, over the last 5 weeks I’ve been on a seriously bad run as you can see by looking at the chart.  I’ve only got two less correct results than the majority but I’m lacking “exact” scores which is keeping me plugged towards the bottom in 10th.  Thankfully, the Spuds fan at number 11 is propping me up!


Next week I hope to have some head-to-head charts which are really interesting.  The results are not as clear cut as expected with the numbers showing head to head are usually close in pure win-lose even if the points spread is huge.

For now I thought I”d share my favorite chart 0 this is the table as predicted by an average of KMFE, JCE, JE, MJ, BE.  Seems that collectively we underrate Liverpool a little and are treating West Ham this year as we did Chelsea last year – “they have to turn it around soon”.


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