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[Updates made 8/26/2017]

I make picks, I talk about the latest opinions on things like….
Who’s the most important player in the premier league for their team’s success ?  Aaron Ramsey Coutinho Anthony Knockaert

Who’s the best manager in the premier league?  Pochettino (Marco Silva isn’t bad 🙂 )

The fact that I didn’t say Brendan Rodgers creates conflict with my Liverpool friend. Brendan is now ex-Watford and Liverpool gaffer.  We seem to agree that we aren’t sure if Klopp will be a flop at the Kop.

John Warke and John Barnes Duke it out
John Warke and John Barnes duke it out

Who will win the World Cup? Germany… oh you mean in Russia?  England!

Who’s the most overrated player? Paulinho  Kante

Who’s the most annoying player? Wayne Rooney.. all he does is assist, score and endlessly whine Diego Costa because all he does is endlessly whine

Who… what…. why and so many, many, many other questions.