Watford, Liverpool, and the Old Toilet.

So what team do I support?

I won’t lie – I like Manchester City in spite of everything they’ve become.  I knew them when the fans were threatening the owners, when Peter Reid was manager.. and before Uwe Rossler came in and showed us that it was possible they could be “ok” again (the pre-oil money era).

I also like Arsenal (a little bit) and have a soft spot for West Brom and Wolves.

So who do I support?

I support the Moose team and the Hornet team… that’s right, Udinese Reserves.   Well actually, its Watford.

watford logo

What’s with Liverpool?

If you look you will see that Liverpool is often mentioned on this site.

This is because I work with a crazy Liverpool fan and he tries to sell me on his team every week.   I used to hate Liverpool because everyone liked Liverpool and because they won everything.  I’m slowly beginning to not mind them – and respect Brendan Rodgers as a coach despite his time at Watford.  and Klopp is a pretty cool guy.

So yes, you will see I mention Liverpool a lot due to the crazy fan…

You mean this guy?

Begbie – A different crazy guy

No, not that guy and I probably confused him with Albie Kinsella anyway.

Old Toilet?

The one thing we do agree on is that Man United are worth hating, and any victory by any team at Old Toilet (Trafford) should be celebrated!

Old Toilet


7 Replies to “Watford, Liverpool, and the Old Toilet.”

    1. It’s an old toilet? Who loves old toilets? I bet you Pogba can afford a gold plated toilet with all that money coming in from outside of Trafford.

  1. I’m the Liverpool fan the author spoke about. There’s no other team in my book, but since we cant win the title ever again I prefer to see City continue to do it.

  2. Because I know everyone will pick Citeh or Liverpool every week (or Spuds if you’re ME and Man U if you’re AM or an idiot) the rule is such that you CANNOT pick the same team twice.

    Are you calling your little brother an idiot??????????????????????????????!!!! Shocking.

    1. No. I believe that JE is very smart and would take the game seriously and try and win. JE would pick Citeh or Liverpool every week.. not Man U!

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