Nov-08 Results and Picks

So it’s late in the evening and the network is up! It’s working. After months of problems and recent bouts of internet-less evenings I’m finally able to put down the picks and scores.


Scores and picks have been a challenge this year but maybe JE has turned the corner with a positive week! There are three Super Computers that are currently active but I’ve messed up including them this week.

Some Guesses are Wilder Than Other Mother’s Guesses

The overall positions have not changed much unlike the weekly table. Look at the range of shifting! +6 +8 and -7 -7. What a topsy turvy season.

Tight at the Top. Tight at the Bottom. Lots of Middle Tier Mediocrity

Another post will be coming midweek.

I know everyone has been making comments and I haven’t done a good job using them. but I’m hoping that will change for the better moving forward.

20-Sep thru 23-Sep 2019 – Results

Weekly Picks

This was the worst picking week I’ve had since starting this whole website. In case you’re wondering that’s 5 years worth of picking and including a title. Looking back at that length of time it’s quite amazing to read things from that era.

Fabregas is not as good as Mata so its hard to see how Mourinho will work him into the team.” and “Liverpool without Suarez…..Sterling will improve and Brendan Rogers has built some depth… they can’t keep Gerrard too long”

Both managers have been fired or moved twice. None of the players are where they were. This site has been running a long time and this is the worst I’ve scored. Somehow, I still didn’t finish last!


The observant will notice that I’ve managed to get one of the SuperComputers working and it has been designed to think like a human (guess) and it did quite well. Next week I expect another to be fixed with a superior algorithm that I will run on a back-dated basis. It should win this year.

Suicide Picks

We have a winner!

BE is last one standing

Final Words
Just a quick post this week…. it’s been a rough few weeks.

KMFE: “An extra pick for Dandy this week: Livingston 1 cookie – ALL THE COOKIES Aberdeen… 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Dandy didn’t get an exact but her team definitely got more cookies.
Miss You.

31-Aug thru 01-Sep-2019 Picks

Current Picks As of Now

These are all subject to change. I might change all mine to prevent copying type shenanigans from the those who haven’t picked yet.

The Picks


ME: “most of the top teams will win this week although my head is ruling one result! Really need the real Spurs to turn up or their season could turn into a nightmare.”

Last year you had Spuds top of the table with over 100 points. It’s very clear where your head

ME:”Hopefully your  Moosemen will get a point for their efforts this week.”
I was going to do the points until safety chart but I’m not sure I want to track that ALL season. Mr Gracia is already on the short leash. Newcastle United is a must win considering we then see ​Arsenal, ​Manchester City and ​Tottenham Hotspur.

We could be 8 games in without a point!

AM: “Must win for United, especially after last weeks mare! So I’ll go with it – no change there then!!  😉 “

Everyone with their “must” win. Bottom of the table with 0 points is a “must” get a point. Manchester United were expected to finish 6th or 7th and they’re right on target.

AM on Behalf of Everyone: “throw some numbers at it – standard! No change there either!  :D”

We’re all just guessing here. Some of us guess better than the rest of us.

Premier League 2019-2020

It’s a go. The season is off… on a Friday when some of us are working.

I am not putting the predictions yet because I don’t have them all in.
I am not putting the suicide picks yet because I don’t have them all in.

I will try an update the site with all the picks as soon as I can. I will probably create a permanent standings page that I will update week over week so that you never have to say you don’t know whether you’re losing to ME or not.

Preseason Summary

I’ve not been following things too closely over the summer in terms of transfers and pre-season so I really have no idea what’s going on. But here’s a summary of what I do know.

Sane was leaving for Bayern because he wasn’t going to play at Citeh. Now he played at Citeh and he’s staying…… for an MRI.

Coutinho was leaving for Arsenal because he wasn’t going to play at Barcelona. Now he’s staying because he’s overrated.

Gareth Bale was going to China – or even Manchester United – because he wasn’t going to play at Madrid. Now he’s staying because no one wants to play at Manchester United.

The Great Zidane Will Make someone buy Bale!

Deulofeu was going to leave Watford because he’s too good. Now he’s staying because he’s just good enough.

Manchester United wanted an upgrade in midfield and attack and threatened to buy everyone and did not buy anyone. They also wanted to upgrade their defense which was considered slow and ponderous at times some they signed Harold Maguire, a slow and ponderous defender.

Meanwhile Lukaku was seen back in training….

Lukaku – Preseason Fitness Looks Good

Aston Villa saw what success Fulham had last year and followed the same formula and have spent a few hundred million and retained Grealish as their best player. Meanwhile all the new players hide their wives when they learn John Terry is the assistant manager.

That’s enough for now… Good luck everyone..

New Game – Suicide Picks

It’s a game within a game! Each week you get to pick which team you think is a surefire win. If your team wins, you survive. If your team loses, you die.

He Picked the Wrong Team!

If you survive you get to pick again to compete with all the other living plays. The dead players? They don’t get to play because they’re dead.

Because I know everyone will pick Citeh or Liverpool every week (or Spuds if you’re ME and Man U if you’re AM or an idiot) the rule is such that you CANNOT pick the same team twice.

The winner is the last person standing. Each instance could be as short as 1 week (everyone is wrong) or as long as a half-season if you get 20 correct picks in a row.

I will restart each time we announce a winner! Let’s see how it goes.

So please make your first week’s pick!

And It’s On!

The new season 2019-2020 is underway and while I’m totally unprepared, totally out of ideas, and totally out of the loop I thought that it would be so very sad to see this site come to a sad demise so we’re back!

I’ll be trying to make gradual improvements to the site to make things easier (mostly for me) and hopefully provide more up to date feedback and keep on top of things. I didn’t build a management tool so I’m once again working with the old trusty spreadsheet.

My goal is to try and something interesting of amusing every now and then and not detract from the serious competition between some of the competitors.

The scoring system will remain unchanged. If you fail to pick games you will be assigned the picks of Mark Lawrenson; however, these will be factored by 50% and rounded up to the nearest whole number over the season. This will remove the fat zero scores but provide an incentive to pick.

Entry forms are available somewhere on the top right of the screen.

Week 38 – Final Week

And it’s all to play for… except LJ and JE haven’t put in their final picks yet. I guess it’s hard for Liverpool fans to commit to the win and harder for Man U fans to pick a result for either Citeh or Liverpool…..

Or Cake or Death

This week’s picks.

Final Final Picks for the Year

Premier League Champions
It’s official. The In Off the Jumper prognosticators believe that Citeh will retain their title and rescue themselves from a dismal season where all they win is the Coca Cola-Rumbelows-Milk-Carabao Cup.

This Weeks Comments

ME: “Spuds will cruise to victory on the back of their midweek form….maybe!”
Fourth is sealed. CL Final is sealed. Not sure they care!

ME: “Liverpool and Man Pretty will both win making Pretty the champions.”
It’s hard to disagree, maybe

AM: “Well that’s me for this season. Roll on next season for one reason or another. Thanks John boy for the admin. Great fun. “

Got a bit sketchy in recent weeks – ran out of ideas a little and life got in the way .. then I found a folder this week of topics I meant to bring up. Maybe over the summer. I have some changes in mind thatI think will make it easier and always the long-vision of a proper site!

I appreciate the comments and the healthy competitive spirit that is shared here. Doing this makes the weekend games more fun. There’s nothing better than watching a game go into the dying minutes when it’s a 2-0 victory …. and then seeing a meaningless goal take 3 points away from ME!

To AA who wrote a large note on InOffTheJumper Facebook version…. you’re totally welcome. It’s great that you love coming first and accept coming last in successive weeks!

This is a boook

The Title Is Not a Lie

It’s been a while since I gave a game by game analysis so here we go.

Brighton v Man City
80% possession against 20%.
20 shots on goal versus 1.

0-0 in the 91st minute.

Sterling gets a shot and flubs it but Gabriel Jesus will score on a juice rebound the goal that makes his season have meaning. Brighton will have one heave-ho into the box and Ederson proves he’s a better goalkeeper than Alisson.

Man of the match will be Leroy Sane. Kompany raises the trophy and signs a one year contract to stick around town for one more year.

Burnley v Arsenal
Arsenal need roughly a 10-0 win to get into the top 4. It won’t happen as they settle for a meaningless draw. Aubameyang scores and wonders why they can’t win away from home.

People suddenly realize that Ozil is overrated and allow John Turtorro to move him on.

Left Turtorro and Right Emery

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
Out of Europe. Safe from relegation. Throw caution to the wind and run wild with goalscoring effort and defensive ineptitude. A nice home win to finish.Fulham v Newcastle
Scott Parker has Fulham playing better and the team will get a win to ensure their perfectly coiffed (is that a word) manager gets hired.

Perfect Hair

Leicester v Chelsea
The home team wins 47% of games. Why fight those odds?

Liverpool v Wolves
Liverpool will score two quick goals and put pressure on the Citeh. As part of an effort to waste time Klopp starts to take off key players and Wolves,with nothing to lose, score a late goal.

60%-40% possession
5(4) shots versus 1(1)

The last few minutes see Liverpool desperately hanging on with Neves crashing a 92 minute shot against the bar. They’ve won. They’ve done enough. The crowd celebrates until Citeh score.

Man United v Cardiff
The worst run that United have seen in years. Temped to see a grafting Cardiff playing for price and pulling a win; however, it will be home dominane to give the crowd some false hope for next year.

Southampton v Huddersfield
Just a smashing victory.

Tottenham v Everton
Focus elsewhere but Spuds will do enough to dash any hopes Everton have of being any good. Nil-Nil looking game until an 80th minute own goal.

Watford v West Ham
Deeney will play for fitness. Watford will rest because …well who cares…. Elton has an FA Cup to go to! If you’re going to go you go smart.

And that’s a 2018-2019 Prediction wrap!

Week 37 Results

It finally happened. I finished dead last. Luckily I have JE to keep me company at the bottom of the table.

My Terrible Picks
Pretty Atrocious week

For a long time I’ve really only been interested in the Premier League (and the Championship) but this season is proving challenging to continue to be so restrictive.

Potato Chickens score three including a last minute winner:

Liverpool knock off Barcelona with a 4-0 win

Zis is de Liverpool Anfield Field

Quotes of the Week

ME: “I think Spuds will get their CL spot settled…. then they can play Ajax in a more relaxed and buoyed mood.”
This is not quite how it worked. Playing with 11 men is more relaxed than playing with 9 men

ME: “Brighton and Cardiff are making a good fight of it… Cardiff might just get a point this week and the Gunners should kick Brighton into touch.”
This is not quite how it worked. I’m sure AM is disappointed. I was hoping that Cardiff could make a run but graft and effort aren’t enough in the EPL.

BE: ” I am pretty sure I already did these on Wednesday, I remember showing ME some comments, then deleting them. That little whizzy arrow at the end always takes some time to indicate send, but I don’t think I got the confirming email. “

You showed ME some comments? AM has requested a VAR to see if there is some scandalous cheating going on!

VAR Enabled!

Week 35 – Crunch Time

Lots of games over these Easter period. As usual….

JE Time

We’re waiting for BB (probably just forgot), JE (obviously spends more time than most as he’s picking for two) and LJ (who is probably trying to work out the odds of Klopp leading his team to the unofficial double).

Without too much of a drum-roll I’ll get straight to the picks.

It’s a little drum roll!

Week 35

This Weeks Guesses

Weekly Comments
I have received weekly comments but I have been poor about including them.

BE: “What a lot of games. What a lot of potentially excellent matches. What a lot of difficult predictions. “
Every week it’s a lot of potentially excellent matches and it is why I only really do the Premier League. I don’t really care about Champions League very much (though it was an exciting few fixtures) and also why I don’t really care about the FA Cup (though that has changed!).

BE: “Will the top clubs be exhausted? Can they afford to put out a weakened team.? At least Man City have a large squad, which is more than can be said for Spurs. “
Not likely. Everything is up for grabs with two teams battling for the top and a number of teams trying to finish top-4. Not sure what happens if Arsenal wins the Europa League and Spuds or the Scally’s win the Champions League….can the FA Cup runner-up go?

ME: “This is a really tough prediction week…even tougher than normal. Head idea!!”
If I was you I wouldn’t go with my head!

ME: “The top four is going to be nailbiting right up till the end….fingers crossed. If Spurs fail then there is always winning the Champions League!”
Don’t see it really but you never know. Ajax beat Real Madrid and when it was suggested that they aren’t the same team without Ronaldo they hunted him down in Italy and beat Juve. Then you’ll have to face Barcelona. No chance.

KMFE: ” I’m actually boycotting football, thank you. You can take your VAR and shove it some way up your jacksie”
I actually wish they’d get rid of VAR because most decisions are not clear cut and close and it doesn’t resolve anything except the odd obvious decision. Other than that how far back do you go – the corner that shouldn’t have been a corner? the original pass that was offside that led to the corner? the foul that got the ball prior to that original pass….

One more Happy Birthday wish for BE:

Filthy Player

Week 31 Make Up

Week 33 Make Up

Week Who Knows What Week Catch Up

So where are we with Week 27? How about Week 31? What about Week 33?
I barely know either so let me post the final predictions and the current standings.

Congratulations to LJ and KMFE!

Sorry for the delay in getting results have been distracted by lots of things including

Features Goal Of the Year From Deu!

Anyway, I’ve been behind for a long time so need to play catch up. I’m in Fergie “Steve Bruce against Wednesday” Time!

Week 27

Seemingly an age ago there was a week 27 and the last game was finally played and Chelsea beat Huddersfield. Pretty sure that game didn’t change any of the outcomes.

All Games Played

Week 31

There were some other games here – notably Spuds hosting Crystal Palace at their new stadium and Brighton managing to lose at home to Cardiff giving the Welsh a little hope especially with an easy trip to Anfield coming up!

Still More Games Left?
Still All to Play For With 3 Games Left

Week 32

Looks like all the games were played! Even wilder, it looks like LJ got a win in there.

All the Games Were Played?
Who is this SC1 that finished second? Is there a secret supercomputer picking?

Week 33

Looks like all these games were played and well…wouldn’t you know it…KMFE out of nowhere slams down victory so bit that 2nd place was a massive 5 points back- the same total that a JE picked! And who is this SC1?

Looks Like Spreadsheet Shenanigans Switched LS for SC1