In Off The Jumper

What does In Off The Jumper mean?

There was a time, that may still exist, when kids would play pick up football, play with their friends during school breaks, after school or at the weekends. When no goal was available there were other options available.

We would play in small spaces – hard to imagine much of a game…. but it worked.


We also used alternative goals:


Score one for the front, two if you went around the back.  Three of us played – two on one.   Seems so long ago.

But often the best form of goal was two jumpers laid apart – no crossbar needed… if you couldn’t reach it? It was assumed over.   These days goalkeepers are 6’4+ which would have been a distinct disadvantage back in the younger years.

When kids wanted to play anything could be utilized and this has been the case for many years:


But why call this blog/sports thing In Off The Jumper
Well because it was available to register is one reason.   The other is that for the entire year I’ve been sending a summary of predictions to a friend/co-worker and each week we argue about whether it’s right or wrong, who should win.

In the playgound? A goal was a goal except when it went over the post.  Was is a goal? The scorer always argued “in off the post”, or in this case, “in off the jumper”.   No one really knew, it was all just arguing and disagreeing and learning skills we would put to good use in the real world.

So “In Off The Jumper” – let me know where you disagree.

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