Week 16 – Picks

Here are the current picks minus a few stragglers.   

Current Guesses With Conspicuous Absences.

I do have AM’s picks but it’s too late to post them here right now and I will add tomorrow.  Besides, it will drive ME crazy not knowing how his arch-nemesis is doing@

Time is Running Out

This Week’s Comment

BB: “I’ve been studying the form in the mid December period of each team and their performance relatedto the position of their opponent and form over the last ten years in order to make my predictions…nah just guessed”
When you made picks for this week 3 weeks ago.

BB: “Well I doubt I’ll do as well as last week but I’m using the same system.”
When you made picks for this week yesterday.

I’m not sure what the system is… but it seems like it might be guessing.

KMFE: “Completely random, though I do think we’ll likely draw with Chelsea — they can’t be happy after losing to Wolves…”
That kind of statement won’t make Wolves fans very happy.

ME: “Just looked at my predictions and only Fulham don’t score… seems a little optimistic.. “
I’m don’t think Fulham not scoring is optimistic at all! 


Bournemouth v Liverpool
Last week Liverpool won thanks to a Jordan Pickford moment of madness and new criticism.  It’s not new news that he has short arms.  I expect Liverpool to field a full strength squad this week after barely beating their neighbours across Stanley Park and going one down early on against Burnley with a second team.  Liverpool are approaching top spot in the Premier league but do lack some squad depth that other teams have.

Arsenal v Huddersfield
Flat track bullies.   Noted this week that Arsene has won more trophies retired than he did in the last few years with Arsenal!

Burnley v Brighton
I picked a few hours ago and I don’t remember who I picked.  Thought about going in alphabetical order but it took too much effort to go into second letter tie-breaks.  Burnley are this year what West Brom were to me last year… the team I keep thinking will turn it around.

Cardiff v Southampton
I don’t want to say that Southampton are bad but I’m picking the Welsh team.  Any clues where Sparky ends up next?  I’m looking at potential mid-table teams that might want to get relegated but don’t see any of them hiring.

Chelsea v Man City
It’s hard to pick against the mad genius.

Mad Scientist #Winning

Everton v Watford
Nothing would please a Watford fan more than defeating “30 pieces of” Silva.

We’ll Get Over it

Leicester v Tottenham
Potato chickens are staying in touch with the top which bodes well for an end of year push when they finally get to play at home.   Actually, turns out the stadium isn’t planned for use this year… except if you’re a lucky fan ready to spend some cash.  No doubt to fund some of their big summer signings that they don’t make.

Man United v Fulham
A loss at home and this ex-managerial genius can go back to Portugal. They’ll win.

Not a mad genius.. just mad.

Newcastle v Wolves
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

West Ham v Crystal Palace
The least important London-ish derby the year has to offer.  I really don’t care.  Maybe Zaha will fall over and get a penalty.   Maybe he’s not playing.  I don’t even know.  That’s why my prediction might be wrong.  

Week 15 – Results

This week I updated WordPress to a new version and the editor looks completely different.  I’m not sure I like it.  Sounds like a complain that Trafford United fans have this year.   

Weekly Comments
AM: “”Good morning to you. All up & running here in sunny Spain – why wouldn’tit be! Ha.”
Yes, I was having some server issues during a critical time of the week when this site is hammered by the 3 people that bother reading things here and the 9 or so that make entries.  Turns out it had nothing to with my site and was just some random issue.  

AM: “Good work. As a result I have tried to be kind to you & yours inmy prediction by predicting only a 0 – 2 defeat at the hands of Citeh. “
The Hornets have hit a bit of a stumbling block but at I can handle a close loss to the two leaders.  It’s the next three that matter… I’m hoping for 7 points out of the three making us 67% safe.

BE: “I was so bad last week, I thought maybe it would have been better not to pick and take the default scores”
Good decision! Full 7 place jump with probably your highest score of the year!

ME:  “Just looking at my rivalry with AM and I didn’t see AM or JE with two correct results for last week. However, you got my exacts right!!”
There was an error – AM had noticed that the results were a little wrong before you and it was because I had posted Chelsea with a 2-2 draw rather than a 2-0 win.  I then meant to update MY score to a 2-1 because I (rather stupidly changed it from 2-0 to 2-1 before the game) and didn’t do the correct column.  
The correction reduces my score by 3 and doesn’t change AM’s score but just makes it more obvious that it was correct.  Sorry I couldn’t help you there – luckily this week he helped you himself with his picks!!!

Improved Predictions
Dropped me a few places…. BE really did do badly!

Interesting to note that both AM and ME spotted the errors this week!  Rivalry much?

Weekly Predictions and Results

Good Week For BB and me. The me me and not the ME ME
Aggregate Positions

Prognosticator of the Week
I might be biased but this week I would give it to myself because I only got two incorrect.  The strategy this week was to randomly throw out some numbers between 1-3 for the team that looked favorite.   Can’t believe Charlie Austin scored in Fergie time against the Potato chickens keeping me from a QUADzacta.

But BB beat me out on alphabetical grounds.

Don’t forget to pick again this for this weekend.

Week 15 – Picks

Despite my best efforts I managed to get all the games confused for the entry forms.  Initially, I had a Week 15 but had two Week 16.  Then I removed a Week 16 and added a Week 17…. if you’re following this still I managed to finally add a Week 15….

Hopefully everyone has time to add their picks – there’s not enough in my inbox to warrant creating a chart.

This is how this process felt:

I’m sure everyone has see this – the greatest own goal ever.

Or one of the greatest ever…

Or the most ridiculous ever….

Or simply the most …. well…. just watch.

Week 14 – Picks and Results

This past week I was too busy to provide an amusing or information or just post so here’s a simple round up of the picks and the results.

Crappy Guesses

He Caught Me Cheating!!

Who’s the Overall Leader?

Prognosticator of the Week
No one stands out this week.

Week 13 – Picks

Once again we are short some late pickers so I’ll be adding them sometime in the future.


This week’s picks (so far)

These picks aren’t final until they are all received.


Last Week’s Update

I forgot last week to select the prognosticator of the week so here is the winner. It’s KMFE!  She won this week because she picked a Citeh win of 5-0 over the Traffordians.  It might not have happened but that’s one hell of a prediction!

This week’s comments

BB: “no idea. I’m on jury service so my brain is dead. Too much hanging around makes the brain shrivel and die.”
Ozil is supposedly Arsenal’s brain… that doesn’t’ bode well!

BE: “Hope my entry isn’t a complete turkey this week!”
That’s a terrible joke but I appreciate the Thanksgiving effort.  Here’s one you might like:

Did you hear about the guy who gave up eating leftovers?
He quit cold turkey.

ME:  <answers to this week’s trivia>
KMFE answered in the comments like I expected.  I will provide the full answers soon!

Further Analysis
Nothing further this week because .. well I didn’t think of anything until it was too late!  I’ll make a mid-week post instead.

Week 12 – Results

It’s been over a week since the games were played and I’m sure that you’ve been on tenterhooks wondering who won this week.  Maybe not ME and BE who seem to keep a close tab on who’s doing well as the games progress each week.

Well here are the results and it’s another victory for LS.

Weekly Leaders

Not much change at the top but the battle between ME and AM appears to be heating up.*


There were a number of international games last week for something or another and it’s Thanksgiving this week in the USA so not much really to report.  All in all you should be Thankful that I remembered to even post the results.

Because it’s thanksgiving and a US Holiday here are some trivia questions.  Put answers in the comments.

  • Who was first American to score in the Premier League?  (1)
  • For team did he score? (1)
  • Which American scored the most Premier League goals? (1)
  • For which two teams did he score? (2)
  • What two teams have had an American play for them this year in the Premier league? (2)
  • Name four players who have been between the sticks for EPL teams (4)
  • What feat do Tim Howard and Brad Friedel share with only three other goalkeepers? (1)
  • What American played for Watford in 2007 after scoring in the Championship Final playoffs the prior year? (1)
  • How many Americans have managed a game in the Premier League ?  (1)

Don’t forget to pick

*Last week’s aggregate scored didn’t incorporate the 4-5 later games from a couple of weeks

Week 12 – Picks

This weeks current set of picks (subject to change and additions as we get late entries).  [Edit: Updated with just one outstanding picker], finally.  LS doing well!].

Still waiting for some people.

The Bus is Late

Just a short post this week.  I’ve often thought that Harry the Hornet was one of the best mascots in the world.

Water Hose!

But this week I found a couple of better non-football related mascots worth watching.  The first is a Chicago minor league mascot.

The second is Benny the Bull who has a massive series of fantastic videos.  He retired a couple of years ago.


KMFE:  “C’mon City!!! #bluemoonrising”
ME: “I think Man Pretty will beat United… another close game.”
No comment.  Trying to reduce an often inferred bias: it has been said that I unfairly treat Manchester United by pointing out how annoying they are.

ME: “Spuds will need a bit of luck to beat the parked bus of Palace and may want to buy Zaha after the game. Going to be nail biting.”
What’s going on with Arry?  Isn’t he good enough?

BE: “I did my predictions after BE to ensure no cheating… lol”
Mr Funny man!

Week 11 – Results

During the picks last week I posted an image of Wayne Rooney as Shrek declaring that he would never again play for England.  I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rooney because it turns out that he will be playing for England in his very own international testimonial!

Given the result of his Premier League testimonial – a 0-0 draw in Mourinho’s first game – England should be the perfect team to recreate that score.

If England can’t fail to score, no team can.

This weeks results have a tie between ME and AM this week.  This represents the second week in a row that ME has topped the table.

At the bottom was LJ who is once again proving that the more you know about football the harder it is to make correct predictions.  On reflection, maybe ME is proving that too.

Prognosticator of the week goes to AA who managed to pick a 2-3 result out of the hat for Wolves at home against the potato chickens.

Congrats AM/ME and AA!

Picks for the next 2 scheduled weeks are up.

Week 11 – Picks

So we’re waiting on JE (as per usual) and LS.. luckily Paul Merson was around to provide KMFE her picks as she tries to come up with a new methodology.

Time is Counting Down

Here are the predictions that some of us (or Paul Merson) have made and the lucky guesses that ME put forward.

This weeks Comments

It’s hard to know how some of the games might go as many of the players were out trick or treating earlier in the week.

Looks Rude! But He’s Just Drinking

KMFE: “Using Paul Merson’s picks this week as a test (William Hill, you haven’t helped me!)… Hoping they’re not too coke-addled and drunken…”
I actually tracked Paul Merson a couple of years ago as SuperComputer 2.  He was better than Mark Lawrenson but he also forgot to pick mid-week games.

BE:  “If ME does well again this week, I think I will have to start copying his predictions this year!”
They’re guesses not predictions.  You’re a second half player….. and he’s like Spurs….shows promise but never wins in the end.

ME:  “Newcastle are really struggling and your Moosemen should dispose of them.”
You can’t lose every home game and it’s about time but I hope you’re right.  It’s nice to be in the top half of the table.

ME: “West Ham are rubbish but so are Burnley… I think I will choose the home team.”
You stole my go to analysis!

ME: “Fulham are struggling as are Huddersfield..expect both to go down…but Fulham really are pretty dire and will probably lose this one…of course I could be wrong or right…who knows!!”

BE wants to copy this?

AB’s Trivia Corner
This week AB provided another piece of strange football trivia:

In 1992, Stig Inge Bjornebye signed with Liverpool with a clause forbidding being within 200 meters of a ski slope. Seems somewhat harsh on a Norwegian.  Not only was Bjornebye a keen skier, but also had followed his dad’s passion for ski jumping. His father, Jo Inge, was an Olympic ski jumper for Norway.


I’m forgoing analysis this week to instead show you what some of the players were dressed as for this Halloween week.

Hugo decided that if he couldn’t drive while drinking he would direct traffic while being a drink.

Beer Lloris

Rooney doesn’t play in England anymore and definitely not for England but that didn’t stop him going in his England cap costume.


Shaqiri went to his party as the great british comedian Loads-a-money Stavros.

Shaqiri Not Trying Hard As Harry Enfield

Anyone seen Adam Lallana?

Where is Adam Lallana

And while most teams don’t pay most of their staff a livable wage  (you can sign the petition). Sanchez wanted to go as someone “made of money”…

Mr Made of Money

KDB went in this rather amusing gown ..

I have a BUM… (knee)

Some players just didn’t want to participate.

Pogba Pride

But the winner of the best costume had to be John Terry

Where’s Yer Missus?

That’s all we have time for.

Week 10 – Results

Not sure how anyone who thought the potato chickens would be the Citeh finished top this week…. but they did.

Not a lot changed but the AM / ME rivalry is neck and neck.