Round 11 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (Fergie Time)

Late breaking news!
JE has his picks in under the wire in the new Fergie time.

City 3-1 Negredo
Wst Ham 1-1 Stoke
Butnley 0-1 Palace
Bournemouth 1-0 sunderland
Chelsea 2-0 Everton
Arsenal 2-1 Spuds
Hull 1-3 saints
Liverpool 2-1 Watford
Swans 1-2 Utd
Leicester 1-0 baggies

I guess it’s time to update Fergie-time to Mourinho-time


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  1. I was you know, how do you say, concentrating on team tactics for these critics moments and I must say all this personal media focus is unfair on me. I have more pressure that everyone else as I am a serial winner. Everything’s unfair.

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