25-Oct thru 27-Oct 2019 – Results

his week he shif, leer and leer are broken on m keboard. his makes wriing up he scores ver difficul. acuall i makes reading his ver difficul. wriing i is no more difficul han normal.

so his week jce did horrendousl placing las place a huge number of poins behind firs place.

*At this point it should be clear that some of the keys on my laptop aren’t working.

picks and results

some picks are better than others some picks are better than other pickers picks
seriously? 4 points

seems his ear i can’ ge an exac if m life depended on i. i need o find ou he logic people used in picking a 2-2 draw for arsenal or how people knew man ci would somehow manage o keep a clean shee.

we have a winner….

the missing team was manchester city

congraulaions me on our fine performance!

i will wrie more once i ge a lapop ha is working beer.

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