Feb 01 Results

This year has been somewhat of a challenge in terms of picks and this week is yet another week where we had a last-to-first transition.

Last week I scored a massively useless 3 points (a total which should have been 11 points as explained in my post) that sunk me to the bottom of the table and this week a not too shabby 13 points led me to the heights of success.

First to Last!

The biggest indicator of the volatility of results is how positions have shifted with a top half of green arrows and a bottom half of red arrows.

How are the Aggregate Scores

ME continues to lead but LJ is nipping at his heals. The Super Computers are still performing well with all three sitting in the top half of the table.

Weekly Comments

JE: “I’m rubbish at predicting scores really crap!”
AA: “Guessy McGuessersen of guesstown!”
ME: “Because of time restraints I have had to guess the rest…”

There seems to be a common theme across comments this year. There is definitely a level of honesty and self-realization on the part of some but I tend to think that there is a level of humble-brag on the part of a few!

ME: “But Spuds will just pip Man Pretty as they have a very settled squad, no injuries and the best manager….not, not and not. “

But you picked Spuds to win like you do every single week. I think this does provide evidence that you do guess! You’re just luckier than all of us!

January 21 Picks and Results

First things first. Here were the predictions. AB didn’t pick this week so he got the honor of being Mark Lawrenson for the day.


I calculated the scores earlier in the week but as you can see I was less than happy to have to post them. I’m not sure but a 14 point differential between first and last may be the biggest ever.


To fall 12 places in a week is very disappointing but I do feel a little bit better seeing that JE only claimed 1 spot above me. It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the Trafford fan.

Weekly Comments
Thank you for your comments. I’ll try and incorporate them again in the coming weeks.

This Weeks Retrospective Analysis
I thought I’d write my analysis for the week so that I could learn from my mistakes and improve in the future. Feel free to use this tactic.

Aston Villa vs Watford  1-1 
Villa will win 2-1 but it will upset Harry Hornet if I pick against my team!

Bournemouth vs Brighton 1-1
The cherries should win handily but I there have been draws recently

Everton vs Newcastle 2-1
I suspect that Everton’s run will come to an end but I’m not picking that

Leicester vs West Ham 2-0
Finally a gimme result. Not sure what the score will be so I’ll guess.

Sheffield Utd vs Man City 0-2
Could be anything! Pretty sure the Citeh will win though

Wolves vs Liverpool 2-2
An obvious 1-2 pick but I really want Liverpool to not win.

Man Utd vs Burnley 2-0

OGS has this team turned around – they’re back to the Glory Glory Man United days! They’re unstoppable with Lingard up front.

Chelsea vs Arsenal 2-1
Fat Frank will guide them to a victory.

Spurs vs Norwich 2-0
This result is dependent on Ericsen showing up. If he doesn’t it will probably be 2-1.

Next Weeks Analysis
Copy whatever the Supercomputers are doing. You would think I might know what the method is but I need to do some algorithm study. All I know is that SC2 is doing really well and SC1 has had a few first places recently…. I should really just copy SC1 at this point.

Leaving me in the dust…. the robots they are alive…

Juanny Cinco is a Watford Fan!

Why Picks are Hard Reason 1
I thought I’d start a new feature!

This week it’s understanding where players are – both physically and in their head. It’s hard enough to keep track of who is playing for who sometimes. Even harder is to know when someone is truly playing.

This year’s example is Eriksen. He has been “playing” for Spuds all year but has he been trying? Who knows! Well… he’s off to Italy where that effort will be appreciated.

Eriksen Finally Gets To Leave

January 18 Results

Not much analysis again this week but the results are posted at least.
I hope the Birthday boy had a better day than his picks!

I admire his courage in picking Trafford United over Liverpool but that was always destined to be a bad pick!

Poor JE

End of Year Results

There’s a lot going on here – there are three rounds worth of picks!

Week 19
Good week for yours truly and terrible for the former leader LJ. I think SC1 needs a little reprogramming!

Well done JCE

Week 20
Here are the picks and the results!

Looks like the reprogramming was slightly successful but all the supercomputers kind of middling out. ANOTHER good week for ME who must be extending his lead at the top. Looks like JE is making a turnaround as well

Week 21
This is the first game of the New Year!

Looks like Watford are making a turnaround. A winning week for KMFE but once again ME finds himself near the top. It doesn’t look like the AM vs ME challenge is going to be close this year!

Two last places in a row for BE! I don’t see much success in the future with a weekly total equal to what Arsenal managed!

21st December

Games come thick and fast this time of year which is hard enough to track but then we have the added complication of Liverpool playing in the let’s normalize Qatar with a made up “Club World Cup” competition which messed up the Premier League schedule.

Funny how FIFA wants to kick racism out of the game but are quite comfortable with human rights’ abuses.


Just LIverpool to go

Weekly Standings

Pretty Lousy Results

I should go ahead and hand the victory to ME as he can’t lose at this point…so Congratulations!

Thanks for playing everyone (note: this week Mark Lawrenson subbed for AB)

Weekly Comments

AM: “Pick the bones out of that. Late entry but not looked at anything, not even sure who’s playing who & when. Happy Christmas.”

Mr AM – the who is playing who can be found out simply by reading the team on the left and the team on the right that is even with it, see blue circles. The when is indicated approximately by the date.


JE: “Lying in bed thinking. Shit I need to do my scores… gone for a big statement and a 0-3 win for united at Watford. Watch me get it completely wrong. If so merry Xmas. “

Merry Christmas. You got it totally wrong.

AA : “Also, I find football data fundamentally fascinating. Not sure what that says about me.”

It does not make you unusual for sure, there is a site I once looked into for data and they capture everything that is possibly to be captured- passes, headers, possession, distance run, goals, minute-by-minute analysis. That’s before you get into index/spread betting.
No one do this without understanding what you are doing – I don’t want to be responsible for homelessness or your families wondering what shopfront is your new home.

ME: I have Spurs beating Chelski but this could be a real challenge for the Jose boys…

Wrong! This is why you had a run of bad results

ME: I have Watford beating Utd because they looked very good last week…a bit of luck and they could do it!

Correct! This is why you’re winning!

Overall Midish Season Rankings

More to come but here are the standings heavily dominated by the Computers. It mirrors the Premier League quite well… domination at the top…. abomination at the bottom (sorry) and close in the middle…it’s almost like a statistical distribution.

I’ll publish more next week when we hit the mid-point.

Results Dec 13

Just a quick post for the results. No special analysis because I’ve been too busy doing… I’m not sure what this week.

Dammit …LJ with a lucky Exact

A very low scoring week overall but congratulations to AA for putting together the only double digit score of the week. Poor BB…. look at at -12 (from first to last)… the game is a fickle one indeed.

7 December Results

Just the results this week – Congratulations to BB for tying the super computers (and they are super, especially SC1 recently). I didn’t do too well tying for 7th overall but it was close this week…. except poor LJ who finally didn’t get Liverpool as an exact and not much else! He’s still winning overall..

BB for the Win

3 December Results

I had checked the results on Wednesday and I was sitting pretty on a hefty total – with others not far behind. I looked at the final scores today and Arsenal losing at home to Brighton and Newcastle winning away at Sheffield I thought I had a shot at my first first [human] place for the season. But out of the pack and out of the blue, AB mustered TWO final day exacts to obliterate the field.

Supercomputers are taking over!!

I’ll post the aggregate standings after the results this next weekend.

Comments on the Week

“The game has changed. This game now is completely different to what I experienced as a 16-year-old lad as an apprentice. This game in a heartbeat has changed. I don’t know where it is going and it is sucking the life out of me and the supporters.”

Chris Wilder

I think I’m with Chris Wilder on this one. If VAR was just fixing broken issues I think we would all support it but the reality is that it’s not fixing everything and adding new breaks. Goes have been questionably allowed and some with obvious failure (Southampton against Watford) and some with dubious definition of single phase of play with a minimal margin of play, some reviews just missed.

I won’t go as far as saying VAR is ruining the game but it drastically reshaping my interest

ME: “Merseyside derby should be the cause of another sacking! “
Good call…. I think we can expect Richarlison to express desire to leave very soon.

Nov 23 Results

I apologise for the free-flow, grammar-free words. I’m devastated this week by my performance so just getting any words out is hard 😉

I think this site has been going on a fair while now (years) and I don’t think I ever finished last in a week before this season. In fact, I think generally speaking, I didn’t venture into the lower half that often. In many ways my picks mirrored the team I follow – Watford. I would have good start and tapering off towards the end of the season holding on to what was achieved in the first half. A couple of times I got caught and at least once I didn’t.

This year I’m mirroring my team again – awful picks and low on confidence. I’ve had multiple last place finishes and am feeling like I don’t know how to turn it all around.

*No disrespect to those who are below me. Honestly, it’s just funny how bad you must be at picking.

No Exacts Again… it’s Killing Me!

Pretty soon I’m going to not pick my own picks and just go with the SuperComputer – it doesn’t matter which one as they’re all better than me. This week SC1 is the winner… I checked the algorithm and this is one that has a human element to it and isn’t based on statistics or a pure algorithm. I’ll have to tweak it a little more but looks to me like it’s doing just fine. I just like to play around with the SCs.

Next week I will just be SC3 and be done with it.

Still Top of the Table

LJ Is still sitting pretty with a slight lead over ME but a mounting gap over the rest of us humans. An alsmost 20 point differential which is a tough gap to make up but look at the super computers! My goodness, they’re doing well! I fully expect SC3 to be there at the end of the year as they are proven as most consistent performer (finishing 2nd overall for two years!)

Here’s hoping I can stay ahead of AM, AB, and JE… I’m getting perilously close to being forced to have a web server incident and a major site crash or natural incident that will stop me looking like a sore loser!

I will have to remember that its not a sprint and sometimes you need to just get to the end to be rewarded