25-Oct thru 27-Oct 2019 – Results

his week he shif, leer and leer are broken on m keboard. his makes wriing up he scores ver difficul. acuall i makes reading his ver difficul. wriing i is no more difficul han normal.

so his week jce did horrendousl placing las place a huge number of poins behind firs place.

*At this point it should be clear that some of the keys on my laptop aren’t working.

picks and results

some picks are better than others some picks are better than other pickers picks
seriously? 4 points

seems his ear i can’ ge an exac if m life depended on i. i need o find ou he logic people used in picking a 2-2 draw for arsenal or how people knew man ci would somehow manage o keep a clean shee.

we have a winner….

the missing team was manchester city

congraulaions me on our fine performance!

i will wrie more once i ge a lapop ha is working beer.

Results for Lots of Weeks

There were games.
There was an international break.
There were more games.

And Watford still can’t win and I didn’t post much.

So results from the games before the international break before the last set of games.

Guesses….someone is going to get lucky!
ME and AA and BB at the top

Then there were games after the international break.

Guesses….someone is going to get lucky!
ME and AA and BB at the top

I can’t remember the last time the Top 3 were the Top 3 in consecutive weeks but congratulations to ME, AA, and BB for that remarkable feet of consistency!

Suicide Picks

Suicide picks were temporarily suspended this most recent week based on the fact that recently I couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. They are running this week.

And Then There were 3

20-Sep thru 23-Sep 2019 – Results

Weekly Picks

This was the worst picking week I’ve had since starting this whole website. In case you’re wondering that’s 5 years worth of picking and including a title. Looking back at that length of time it’s quite amazing to read things from that era.

Fabregas is not as good as Mata so its hard to see how Mourinho will work him into the team.” and “Liverpool without Suarez…..Sterling will improve and Brendan Rogers has built some depth… they can’t keep Gerrard too long”

Both managers have been fired or moved twice. None of the players are where they were. This site has been running a long time and this is the worst I’ve scored. Somehow, I still didn’t finish last!


The observant will notice that I’ve managed to get one of the SuperComputers working and it has been designed to think like a human (guess) and it did quite well. Next week I expect another to be fixed with a superior algorithm that I will run on a back-dated basis. It should win this year.

Suicide Picks

We have a winner!

BE is last one standing

Final Words
Just a quick post this week…. it’s been a rough few weeks.

KMFE: “An extra pick for Dandy this week: Livingston 1 cookie – ALL THE COOKIES Aberdeen… ?????????????????????

Dandy didn’t get an exact but her team definitely got more cookies.
Miss You.

14-Sep thru 16-Sep 2019 – Picks and Results

This week Dandy loyal fan of Aberdeen passed away. This made putting the picks and results together a little less important but eventually the results needed to go up.

The Picks
It does appear that the Super Computers are currently not operational.

A Bunch of Guesses

The Comments

KMFE: “I know this is not the right result for Watford.  Happy birthday, JCE ;-)…”
But it is! A whole point!

LJ: “Wanted to give the Hornets a win but the best I can do is a draw.”
No skill then. It’s just all luck… you can give them a win by choosing them to have more goals that the opposition.

Looks like another good week for LJ who managed to max out points via exact picks and defeat me who only got two incorrect results. Who came up with this scoring system? It’s so unfair.

So unfair, so so unfair.

It pains me to put up a table with LJ at the top of it but here is the table with LJ at the top of it. This week sees a decent result for KMFE who every week looks like the above picture of Pep when she sees the final result.

Just Two Wrong and not First.

It does look like the AA whiteboard needs a little fine tuning. Things will turn around.

Suicide Picks
Disaster! Man City letting everyone down.
Looks like a show down between bitter enemies!

And Then There Were 2

Results 23rd-25th of August

Here were the final picks:


It wasn’t a great week with some of the results being fairly unpredictable. As bad as Man U are, a home against at Crystal Palace should have yielded a win. As bad as Newcastle are, an away game at Spurs should have yielded a loss. Even Wolves being upset at home by Burnley was a minor update.

Looks like LJ got lucky with the exact – 8 incorrect picks is pretty remarkable!

Suicide Picks

It’s week THREE and already the suicide picks are over with the three remaining people remarkably failing to get a correct win! So Week 4 will begin with everyone back in the game. Shocking!

Survivors for 09-Aug thru 11-Aug-2019

This week there were two DOA (dead on arrival) and two that dropped off.
Liverpool were the popular pick with one of the other Top 5 teams being selected and they all managed to produce a win.

Bournemouth looked good for the win for a long while and Watford was the week’s inexplicable pick (as a Watford fan I can say that!)

Updated 8/16/2019

We’re down to six.
Make sure you get the pick in https://inoffthejumper.com/suicide-picks/