Week 11 – Picks

So we’re waiting on JE (as per usual) and LS.. luckily Paul Merson was around to provide KMFE her picks as she tries to come up with a new methodology.

Time is Counting Down

Here are the predictions that some of us (or Paul Merson) have made and the lucky guesses that ME put forward.

This weeks Comments

It’s hard to know how some of the games might go as many of the players were out trick or treating earlier in the week.

Looks Rude! But He’s Just Drinking

KMFE: “Using Paul Merson’s picks this week as a test (William Hill, you haven’t helped me!)… Hoping they’re not too coke-addled and drunken…”
I actually tracked Paul Merson a couple of years ago as SuperComputer 2.  He was better than Mark Lawrenson but he also forgot to pick mid-week games.

BE:  “If ME does well again this week, I think I will have to start copying his predictions this year!”
They’re guesses not predictions.  You’re a second half player….. and he’s like Spurs….shows promise but never wins in the end.

ME:  “Newcastle are really struggling and your Moosemen should dispose of them.”
You can’t lose every home game and it’s about time but I hope you’re right.  It’s nice to be in the top half of the table.

ME: “West Ham are rubbish but so are Burnley… I think I will choose the home team.”
You stole my go to analysis!

ME: “Fulham are struggling as are Huddersfield..expect both to go down…but Fulham really are pretty dire and will probably lose this one…of course I could be wrong or right…who knows!!”

BE wants to copy this?

AB’s Trivia Corner
This week AB provided another piece of strange football trivia:

In 1992, Stig Inge Bjornebye signed with Liverpool with a clause forbidding being within 200 meters of a ski slope. Seems somewhat harsh on a Norwegian.  Not only was Bjornebye a keen skier, but also had followed his dad’s passion for ski jumping. His father, Jo Inge, was an Olympic ski jumper for Norway.


I’m forgoing analysis this week to instead show you what some of the players were dressed as for this Halloween week.

Hugo decided that if he couldn’t drive while drinking he would direct traffic while being a drink.

Beer Lloris

Rooney doesn’t play in England anymore and definitely not for England but that didn’t stop him going in his England cap costume.


Shaqiri went to his party as the great british comedian Loads-a-money Stavros.

Shaqiri Not Trying Hard As Harry Enfield

Anyone seen Adam Lallana?

Where is Adam Lallana

And while most teams don’t pay most of their staff a livable wage  (you can sign the petition). Sanchez wanted to go as someone “made of money”…

Mr Made of Money

KDB went in this rather amusing gown ..

I have a BUM… (knee)

Some players just didn’t want to participate.

Pogba Pride

But the winner of the best costume had to be John Terry

Where’s Yer Missus?

That’s all we have time for.

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