Week 26 Picks and 27 Results (?!)

So there was one game played this week that was a bit early. Good result for the Citizens away from home and 3 points that established them back at the top of the table. With Liverpool faltering and struggling to get a consistent defensive line it keeps things interesting. I admit that I wonder why Harry Enfield doesn’t play more and wonder even more what happens once The Ox comes back.

Joke Never Gets Old
After 1 Game it’s Still Anyone’s to Win!

This week most of the picks are in – still waiting for a few. We did lose LS as a player this week but we’ll survive because he wasn’t very good at picking anyway! In all seriousness, I hope he just found a better way to spend his Friday’s than doing pick analysis.

Anyway, there are people that are late!

Most Expensive (and Ugliest) Watch in the World

I can’t tell what time it is on that watch but it’s late.

Weekly Comments

JE: ” Watford will probably win but I thought Everton have been crap and they may have a result in them (by luck I reckon).”
I’m hoping for a win because us Watford fans don’t have much love for Everton:

Where’s the REF??

And of course,more recently:

She Deserves You.

Of course this is a key game for Mr Sila. Seems the Evertonians have expectation that are above their station (perhaps aspiring to be Newcastle?). Another loss and it’s 5 in 6

AM: ” Funny how what I want to happen vs what I think may happen, can be so far apart! GGMU 🙂 “
Thought Wales would lose then, eh? 🙂 It hasn’t been so untrue recently. I think you pick the team in red to win every week don’t you? That’s not been bad in the league recently.

BE:” Nothing to do with predictions, but for our competitors in the USA, the prize jigsaw is of Warwick, UK the home town of BE . “
In the my last post I included a completed 2000 puzzle. That puzzle is Lord Leycester hospital. If you want your own copy there’s one on ebay.

ME: “Man Pretty will scrape home by 1 goal but it will be an easy victory.”
Yes, I’m sure that it will be a 1-0 thrashing?

ME: “Spurs will hammer Leicester…..hopefully:)”

ME: “Watford to win again especially as Everton dislike their manager.”
I think you got this backwards – see earlier comment!

I was going to write up some predictions or do a post on Premier League financials but I will save that for another day.

Good Luck All.

Week 25 Results

Results are in and there was a decisive winner this week and it’s …. Chelsea…. well actually it’s AA who turned things around this week and threw down a pretty large 17 points to “walk away” with the Prognosticator of the Week title by a point.

Weekly Scores

The season’s aggregate picks are getting interesting with the rivalry between AM and ME close at 7 points but a recent run by BE getting her tied for second place

Repeat of Last Year?

Last year JCE took a lead in to the second half of the season and slowly drifted with the Hornets and allowed BE to take the lead. Will this year be a repeat? A few poor performances by JCE have occurred while BE picks up the points slowly closing the lead.

This year’s price is definitely going to be as good as last years prize:

Last Year the Winner got a 2000 Piece Puzzle (very impressed it was completed)

Though it may end up being more like the prize two years ago:

Kraken For The Winner

We’ll have to see what I think of.

Prognosticator of the Week
This week’s winner scored 17 points. There is no prize for that except some celebration.

Week 24 Results and Week 25 Picks

Last week’s results.

Not a Good Week All Around

Some bonkers results in there this week.

This Week’s Picks
I know I haven’t made much of an effort on my posts recently but you can blame that on my day job that has had me busy.

Changes can still be made up to the first kick-off.

Apparently there are games Wednesday too so I will get that form up so people can pick.

Week 24 Picks

Not everyone picked yet but here is the current round. I’m travelling/working at the moment making it hard to make this a very exciting post.

Most of the Picks are In

Week 23 – Picks and Results

This weeks picks are mostly in:

All the Picks

Watford are now just a few points from safety as this random chart shows.

From 0 to Safety


A win for BE!

Looks like this was a good week for some. Three exacts for BE moved her well to the top of the table…..however, some people like JE seemed to lose his way but he doesn’t care because Man U keep winning!

Total Points Standings

Week 22 – Results

Here are the results…. better late than never…..

It was looking like a solid win for BB until a Citeh 3-0 win jumped me up to tie for 1st! A better showing for KMFE and ME losing some overall points to AM.

Thanks Citeh!

Right now I’m hanging in like Watford and haven’t started the second half descent yet.

Not Much Change Here……

It didn’t help but I did love AA’s contribution..

Oh well.. there’s always next time (said every gambler ever)

Week 22 – Picks

So waiting on more than usual because it’s been a while with the F.A. Cup and other New Years but here are the current picks.

Some Guesses

As for the missing entries, hopefully, they’ll roll in before the games kick off. But we’re still waiting…. here’s a timely reminder.

Time to get a Fancier Watch!

Weekly Comments

JE: “Don’t know why I have put 2-1 to united. Guess I’m just keeping the faith. Liverpool – don’t know why I have put them to lose. Why not.?? .?!.”
Because you’re a United fan!
Of course Manchester United have become everything their fans mocked other clubs for:

They spent money like Man City
They changed managers like Chelsea
They go on about their history and pat triumphs like Liverpool
They aim for Top 4 like Arsenal….

Couldn’t resist!

AM: “Well, this was done in a rush (oversight & NO personal reminder offered up!) “”
A group reminder is not enough? ME never offers up excuses for not having the greatest weeks like. He just admits to totally guessing.

ME: “I hope all of the top teams win otherwise my predictions will be going south again.”
I’m glad that you put IOTJ above the true support for the Potato Chickens.

” I have given another three games the default 2-1 … “
That’s a tactic that beats guessing! Maybe AM should try it rather than using excuses.

KMFE: “Trying the 1-0 contention — let’s see how it REALLY does in a given week…”
That’s a tactic that beats guessing! Let’ hope that everyone has lost their shooting boots!


The Football Equivalent of the ME vs AM rivalry


Brighton v Liverpool
Brighton shouldn’t lose against Liverpool at home or away.

Burnley v Fulham
Burnley should win against Fulham at home or away.

Cardiff v Huddersfield
Cardiff shouldn’t win against anyone at home or away. They will draw.

Chelsea v Newcastle
Chelsea shouldn’t lose to Newcastle at home or away.

Crystal Palace v Watford

Crystal Palace could win against anyone at home or away. But they won’t unless Zaha falls over in the box twice.

Everton v Bournemouth

Everton could win against anyone at home or away. They will.

Leicester v Southampton
Leicester could win against anyone at home or away. Except Newport and Southampton isn’t Newport.

Man City v Wolves
Man City shouldn’t lose to anyone at home or away.

Tottenham v Man United
Everyone seems to think that now that Alex is in charge again Trafford United won’t see another loss ever. They will.

West Ham v Arsenal
West Ham don’t have a real home just a giant cavern that they might win at every now and then. This is not now or then.

Man City v Wolves
Tottenham v Man United
West Ham v Arsenal

Week 21 – Results

Results for this week (already 2 weeks into the second half of the season?!)

This week I posted some default results for BB (who was late) because he doesn’t have a fancy watch like Pep.

If I Was I Watch Influencer, I could Make A Lot of Commission if You Clicked here and Bought A Similar Watch

Anyway, just in time he posted replacement actual picks and I was ready to get good old laugh if he picked worse but the last laugh was on me as he came first!

Congratulations to BB

The overall positions have not changed too much but they are presented here.

Overall Leaders

Total Aside 1: Drones
There were recent events at Gatwick which prevented a number of flights from taking off or landing impacting thousands of passengers. For some reason an excessive level of Britishness made taking out the drones only a “considered” option and not an immediately obvious and immediately exercised option. I didn’t know at the time that some of the drones may have actually been their own police drones but when they explained how hard it would be to remove the offending drones I just wondered if they could hire a few footy fans. They’d sort it.

Total Aside 2: Stupid FA Rules and Poor Enforcement

Among rules that I hate are the “new” offside rule whereby a player in an offside position not interfering with play should not be flagged offside. This was updated in 2015 to include “”Makes an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball”. Still agree with Cloughie who said, “If any one of my players isn’t interfering with play, they’re not getting paid’.

Anyway, it’s 25 years and I’m still better about the somewhat legalization of goal-hanging but it brings me to the stupidest rule implementation.

No retrospective punishment

There seems to be this belief that the FA will not retrospectively punish a player when that play has been seen by an official of the game. The recent incident between Shelvey and Pogba is an example where some punishment was deserved.

Now, the FA can review incidents that are considered “secondary to the challenge for the ball”. Why is there a condition on this? This tackle is apalling and Pogba missed the next game. I might not like Man United, I might not like Pogba but I hate that Shelvey can once again prove that despite his talents for the long pass is a thug on the field of play.

Pogba is an Ass but He Doesn’t Deserve This Assualt

Week 20 Predictions

And the second-half of the season officially kicks off with Watford about 67.5% safe!

But enough of that… what about this week’s predictions?

Second Half Picks

Still waiting for LS to pick or he will get 0-0 defaults.

*I usually would put up a “timely” reminder image such as Mourinho looking at his watch but I also need to maintain the gratuitous Robert Plant posting (vague-link is that LS is a Wolves fan).

Time Hasn’t Done This Plant any Favours

Weekly Comments

ME: “Is it time to sack Pep? Or will his team play properly this week? If they lose this one KMFE will not have a happy new year…. but it’s got to be a win! So happy new year to you both!”
KMFE says not to get too excited though I did mention that Pep might leave at the end of the year. Any more slip ups and it will not be a happy house!

JE: “


Flew through the picks. Just typed in numbers that seemed to make sense. Zero points for me then. Actually united will win three nil. So will have some.
My gut said Liverpool one arsenal two for some reason so have mentally compensated. Prob means Liverpool will win. For f::::&/£;@38!:7cks sake. They’re going to win the league aren’t they?… my worst nightmare. Why have city turned to shit? Why? I cry.
Watford to smash the sheet out of the Geordie shovel of crap.
Anyway much love and hope these comments are welcomed.
Ps united will prob lose and will get zero points.
Love ya Bruv x”

I loved this comment so much I didn’t want to edit it. It’s tough being a United fan…lol

KMFE:” I’m not loving our form (or luck) at ALL right now, but I will NOT pick against us”
Confirmation of what everyone already knows!