Week 11 – Results

During the picks last week I posted an image of Wayne Rooney as Shrek declaring that he would never again play for England.  I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rooney because it turns out that he will be playing for England in his very own international testimonial!

Given the result of his Premier League testimonial – a 0-0 draw in Mourinho’s first game – England should be the perfect team to recreate that score.

If England can’t fail to score, no team can.

This weeks results have a tie between ME and AM this week.  This represents the second week in a row that ME has topped the table.

At the bottom was LJ who is once again proving that the more you know about football the harder it is to make correct predictions.  On reflection, maybe ME is proving that too.

Prognosticator of the week goes to AA who managed to pick a 2-3 result out of the hat for Wolves at home against the potato chickens.

Congrats AM/ME and AA!

Picks for the next 2 scheduled weeks are up.

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  1. I have no idea if England are on telly. I do believe drone racing is set to take over. A flying drone is more interesting than watching England anyway. Apart from the World Cup or Euros national football is rather dead. Champions League is where the interest lies. Maybe inoffthejumper.eu

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