Week 13 – Picks

Once again we are short some late pickers so I’ll be adding them sometime in the future.


This week’s picks (so far)

These picks aren’t final until they are all received.


Last Week’s Update

I forgot last week to select the prognosticator of the week so here is the winner. It’s KMFE!  She won this week because she picked a Citeh win of 5-0 over the Traffordians.  It might not have happened but that’s one hell of a prediction!

This week’s comments

BB: “no idea. I’m on jury service so my brain is dead. Too much hanging around makes the brain shrivel and die.”
Ozil is supposedly Arsenal’s brain… that doesn’t’ bode well!

BE: “Hope my entry isn’t a complete turkey this week!”
That’s a terrible joke but I appreciate the Thanksgiving effort.  Here’s one you might like:

Did you hear about the guy who gave up eating leftovers?
He quit cold turkey.

ME:  <answers to this week’s trivia>
KMFE answered in the comments like I expected.  I will provide the full answers soon!

Further Analysis
Nothing further this week because .. well I didn’t think of anything until it was too late!  I’ll make a mid-week post instead.

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