Week Who Knows What Week Catch Up

So where are we with Week 27? How about Week 31? What about Week 33?
I barely know either so let me post the final predictions and the current standings.

Congratulations to LJ and KMFE!

Sorry for the delay in getting results have been distracted by lots of things including

Features Goal Of the Year From Deu!

Anyway, I’ve been behind for a long time so need to play catch up. I’m in Fergie “Steve Bruce against Wednesday” Time!

Week 27

Seemingly an age ago there was a week 27 and the last game was finally played and Chelsea beat Huddersfield. Pretty sure that game didn’t change any of the outcomes.

All Games Played

Week 31

There were some other games here – notably Spuds hosting Crystal Palace at their new stadium and Brighton managing to lose at home to Cardiff giving the Welsh a little hope especially with an easy trip to Anfield coming up!

Still More Games Left?
Still All to Play For With 3 Games Left

Week 32

Looks like all the games were played! Even wilder, it looks like LJ got a win in there.

All the Games Were Played?
Who is this SC1 that finished second? Is there a secret supercomputer picking?

Week 33

Looks like all these games were played and well…wouldn’t you know it…KMFE out of nowhere slams down victory so bit that 2nd place was a massive 5 points back- the same total that a JE picked! And who is this SC1?

Looks Like Spreadsheet Shenanigans Switched LS for SC1

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