Week of November 22, 2014 – Premier League Picks

It’s been so long since the last picks I’ve forgotten who’s who and who’s where in the Premier League.  I think Chelsea is top.  I think Spurs are still crap.  I think Liverpool are underperforming and I think I recall West Ham were in the top half?

Oh well. Just quick picks today without any snark.  I may add some while watching the games – but I won’t change my picks.  I was late getting to this today. I checked my traffic today and I’m the only one who cares what I write anyway.  I don’t believe anyone actually comes to this site from outside of my luxurious office, perhaps one day I’ll live tweet matches, follow people, sell out.  I’ll be like the Manchester United of blogs – for now I’m happy being the Racing Club Warwick of blogs (their reserves at least).

Newcastle United2-1Queens Park Rangers
Stoke City2-1Burnley
Manchester City 2-1Swansea City
Leicester City1-1Sunderland
Everton1-0West Ham United
Chelsea2-2* (2-0)West Brom
Arsenal3-2Manchester United


Crystal Palace1-2Liverpool
Hull City 1-1Tottenham Hotspur


Aston Villa1-2Southampton



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