Week Many with Many

Lots of picks and lots of results to make us up to date as of LAST weekend. I need to add in this weekend’s results still.

Bear with me because we are going to go all the way back to the beginning of February!

One of the tasks I do have is to count the scores separately from week 30 going forward because AM and ME decided to bet a beer on who would finish higher this year. Unfortunately, I can’t let that bet pass because AM was totally unaware (though had some idea, I’m sure) of how far behind he is!

I don’t know if this will help him or not.

Let’s Hope this Is Not true

So going all the way back to week 23 games..

Well won’t you look at that….. BE is the winner! After weeks of being rubbish she finally was a winner and she had to wait over a month to find out. Looks like lots of people copied Mark Lawrenson this week. Time for a rule change on that!

No more Mark Lawrenson defaults.

Moving on to Valentine’s Day games. Will there be any love lost today?

Looks like low scoring week. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a single point week before! Even as bad as that sounds it’s only eight points from being the winner. That still sounds bad.

Moving on to Round 29 which was so long ago I can’t remember anything about it. I think it’s about four hairstayles ago.

A terrible week for LJ who is still vying for the top spot and another win for AB who finds himself getting closer to the top by virtue of a few substantial victories.

Looks like the league threw in a special one-off game this week. That will update the total scores from weeks long since passed.

Nice comeback by LJ. A poor week for me but I’m not propping up the bottom! Sounds a bit rude!

Getting closer! I’m into March at least!

This week was an odd week where we had a tie at 17!?

Another random game? But this one is from the future! It’s week 33 being played after week 27.

Not that far in the Future!!

Not sure I got this right but there are two future games and one of us has ZERO points!

More games. More games.

What? KMFE finds herself top of the table …… this table is one of the strangest ones I recall. Quite a high top score and a terrible low score with scores spread throughout. Well done KMFE!

The final table as of the games covered so far. Looks like JE is holding on to the top, LJ is continuing his little slide. AM is languishing far far way way way way way way behind ME and even behind BE.

Thanks for your patience!

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