Week 9 – Results

I should hopefully resume the normal sarcastic posts this week but for now I’ll just post the results.

This week I downgraded my score after I realized that I had incorrectly listed a 1-1 draw for Chelsea over Manchester United when I had, in fact, picked a 2-1 victory for the home team.  This pushed me down into second place and left ME as the sole weekly leader.

Weekly Leaders

Only one point separates ME and AM!   KMFE  An online betting company gains some points this week but not enough to rise from relegation danger.

Season Leaders

Quotes of the Week

ME: “Another tough week!!”
Rope-a-dope ?

ME:  “Bournemouth to win the sunshine derby.” “Chelski will continue their form and get Mourinho sacked..” “I would like to pick Watford but Wolves are on a roll.. really tough call, maybe a draw is the order of the day!”
Makes me wonder if you weren’t just a wee bit lucky this week.

KMFE: “The Raheem from the England/Spain game will be the one who shows up for us, right? :-)”
Who needs Raheem when you have Bilva, Sane, Mahrez, Fernandino, and Aguero?  That’s right, Madrid.

BB: “Have no idea. Been thinking about bots and law firms not football.”

Legal Briefs

LJ: “The Hornets are stuck in reverse so I have to go against them this week again. Sorry mate…..”

Keep Picking Against us LJ!

LS: crickets
No one expected 2-0 the other way!

AB’s Quiz Corner
AB: “Which player has scored in the most diverse number of competitive club football competitions – during the same football season?”


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