Week 38 – Final Week

And it’s all to play for… except LJ and JE haven’t put in their final picks yet. I guess it’s hard for Liverpool fans to commit to the win and harder for Man U fans to pick a result for either Citeh or Liverpool…..

Or Cake or Death

This week’s picks.

Final Final Picks for the Year

Premier League Champions
It’s official. The In Off the Jumper prognosticators believe that Citeh will retain their title and rescue themselves from a dismal season where all they win is the Coca Cola-Rumbelows-Milk-Carabao Cup.

This Weeks Comments

ME: “Spuds will cruise to victory on the back of their midweek form….maybe!”
Fourth is sealed. CL Final is sealed. Not sure they care!

ME: “Liverpool and Man Pretty will both win making Pretty the champions.”
It’s hard to disagree, maybe

AM: “Well that’s me for this season. Roll on next season for one reason or another. Thanks John boy for the admin. Great fun. “

Got a bit sketchy in recent weeks – ran out of ideas a little and life got in the way .. then I found a folder this week of topics I meant to bring up. Maybe over the summer. I have some changes in mind thatI think will make it easier and always the long-vision of a proper site!

I appreciate the comments and the healthy competitive spirit that is shared here. Doing this makes the weekend games more fun. There’s nothing better than watching a game go into the dying minutes when it’s a 2-0 victory …. and then seeing a meaningless goal take 3 points away from ME!

To AA who wrote a large note on InOffTheJumper Facebook version…. you’re totally welcome. It’s great that you love coming first and accept coming last in successive weeks!

This is a boook

The Title Is Not a Lie

It’s been a while since I gave a game by game analysis so here we go.

Brighton v Man City
80% possession against 20%.
20 shots on goal versus 1.

0-0 in the 91st minute.

Sterling gets a shot and flubs it but Gabriel Jesus will score on a juice rebound the goal that makes his season have meaning. Brighton will have one heave-ho into the box and Ederson proves he’s a better goalkeeper than Alisson.

Man of the match will be Leroy Sane. Kompany raises the trophy and signs a one year contract to stick around town for one more year.

Burnley v Arsenal
Arsenal need roughly a 10-0 win to get into the top 4. It won’t happen as they settle for a meaningless draw. Aubameyang scores and wonders why they can’t win away from home.

People suddenly realize that Ozil is overrated and allow John Turtorro to move him on.

Left Turtorro and Right Emery

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
Out of Europe. Safe from relegation. Throw caution to the wind and run wild with goalscoring effort and defensive ineptitude. A nice home win to finish.Fulham v Newcastle
Scott Parker has Fulham playing better and the team will get a win to ensure their perfectly coiffed (is that a word) manager gets hired.

Perfect Hair

Leicester v Chelsea
The home team wins 47% of games. Why fight those odds?

Liverpool v Wolves
Liverpool will score two quick goals and put pressure on the Citeh. As part of an effort to waste time Klopp starts to take off key players and Wolves,with nothing to lose, score a late goal.

60%-40% possession
5(4) shots versus 1(1)

The last few minutes see Liverpool desperately hanging on with Neves crashing a 92 minute shot against the bar. They’ve won. They’ve done enough. The crowd celebrates until Citeh score.

Man United v Cardiff
The worst run that United have seen in years. Temped to see a grafting Cardiff playing for price and pulling a win; however, it will be home dominane to give the crowd some false hope for next year.

Southampton v Huddersfield
Just a smashing victory.

Tottenham v Everton
Focus elsewhere but Spuds will do enough to dash any hopes Everton have of being any good. Nil-Nil looking game until an 80th minute own goal.

Watford v West Ham
Deeney will play for fitness. Watford will rest because …well who cares…. Elton has an FA Cup to go to! If you’re going to go you go smart.

And that’s a 2018-2019 Prediction wrap!

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