Week 37 Results

It finally happened. I finished dead last. Luckily I have JE to keep me company at the bottom of the table.

My Terrible Picks
Pretty Atrocious week

For a long time I’ve really only been interested in the Premier League (and the Championship) but this season is proving challenging to continue to be so restrictive.

Potato Chickens score three including a last minute winner:

Liverpool knock off Barcelona with a 4-0 win

Zis is de Liverpool Anfield Field

Quotes of the Week

ME: “I think Spuds will get their CL spot settled…. then they can play Ajax in a more relaxed and buoyed mood.”
This is not quite how it worked. Playing with 11 men is more relaxed than playing with 9 men

ME: “Brighton and Cardiff are making a good fight of it… Cardiff might just get a point this week and the Gunners should kick Brighton into touch.”
This is not quite how it worked. I’m sure AM is disappointed. I was hoping that Cardiff could make a run but graft and effort aren’t enough in the EPL.

BE: ” I am pretty sure I already did these on Wednesday, I remember showing ME some comments, then deleting them. That little whizzy arrow at the end always takes some time to indicate send, but I don’t think I got the confirming email. “

You showed ME some comments? AM has requested a VAR to see if there is some scandalous cheating going on!

VAR Enabled!

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