Week 36 Picks

Three weeks to play and I thought the gap might be too much for AM to reach ME or BE but … and I verified the entry time… a 5-0 prediction sets him on the path to an excellent week. Just another four or five exacts and he’ll be inching closer.

Guesses including a 5-0. Who picks 5-0?!

Weekly Comments

BB: “I score more points when I play so here’s my entry. “
You score more when SB plays!

JE: “My season is worse than United s!! Lol. Can’t see us winning or scoring. Hazard will get a flukey goal.”
You’re lucky that Arsenal are rubbish away from home!

ME: ” Chelski will cement their position by beating Man U…. unless they decide to try…. pickers nightmare!”
It is a tough pick…who do I want to see in Champions League next year out of these two? Which Chelski will show up… more to the point which United will show up… the team he managed when he took over from Jose or the team that he had while in Cardiff.

One of the strangest things to transpire over the course of the last two years is the decline of Alexis Sanchez from one of the top 5 players to irrelevant (Lukaku being another). He came on for 12 minutes against Citeh and this was his official touch map.

But it was a Key touch….

ME:” Spurs should win against the Hammers… wish I knew who was going to score their goals!”
I doubt the Hammers will score

ME:”Moose men v Wolverines… an almost nothing match and they both may hold off a little..both will be happy with a draw.”
There is Europe on the line with 7th place potentially getting a UEFA spot. Pretty sure that both of these teams will be fighting hard to get into Europe. Unlike Arsenal who don’t appear to try!

ME”Liverpool should have the banker of the week and cause a little group of butterflies in the Man Pretty camp.. Burnley won’t roll over and defensive walls will appear but Man Pretty should eventually break them down. “

15 seconds to break the game open? That’s ridiculous.
You can’t really do anything in 15 seconds.

Except score twice against Watford.

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