Week 35 Results and Week 31 and Week 33

Time for the updates.

Old Catch Up Weeks
The final result was the more-critical-now-than-it-would-have-been-a-few-weeks ago result but at least it’s all done with Citeh walking away with a 2-0 win at Old Toilet. Not really a surprise as they’ve now lost 5 games in the last 6. Sure, two were against Messi but look like the shine has worn off… and the honeymoon period with OGS is over.

Klopp wasn’t particularly surprised either:
“If anybody really thought that United, in the moment, are capable of hurting City – City are just too good for that. I watched the game in front of the television and I was not a little bit nervous.”

His reaction to the Manchester United fans…

Then we had the ‘Orns managing to create the game with the largest gap between goals. Shane Long scoring in under 8 seconds!? before equalizing with more or less the last touch of the game.

Arsenal were given the chance to solidify a top 4 and they responded by getting soundly beaten over in Wolverhampton.

Finally we can close the books on Round 31

Another Week Bites the Dust

Round 35
A pretty terrible week for everyone. Not sure that I’ve seen a lower scoring week.

Overall positions were getting closer but it’s looking like positions are stabilizing with three weeks to go.

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