Week 35 – Crunch Time

Lots of games over these Easter period. As usual….

JE Time

We’re waiting for BB (probably just forgot), JE (obviously spends more time than most as he’s picking for two) and LJ (who is probably trying to work out the odds of Klopp leading his team to the unofficial double).

Without too much of a drum-roll I’ll get straight to the picks.

It’s a little drum roll!

Week 35

This Weeks Guesses

Weekly Comments
I have received weekly comments but I have been poor about including them.

BE: “What a lot of games. What a lot of potentially excellent matches. What a lot of difficult predictions. “
Every week it’s a lot of potentially excellent matches and it is why I only really do the Premier League. I don’t really care about Champions League very much (though it was an exciting few fixtures) and also why I don’t really care about the FA Cup (though that has changed!).

BE: “Will the top clubs be exhausted? Can they afford to put out a weakened team.? At least Man City have a large squad, which is more than can be said for Spurs. “
Not likely. Everything is up for grabs with two teams battling for the top and a number of teams trying to finish top-4. Not sure what happens if Arsenal wins the Europa League and Spuds or the Scally’s win the Champions League….can the FA Cup runner-up go?

ME: “This is a really tough prediction week…even tougher than normal. Head ..heart..head..heart..no idea!!”
If I was you I wouldn’t go with my head!

ME: “The top four is going to be nailbiting right up till the end….fingers crossed. If Spurs fail then there is always winning the Champions League!”
Don’t see it really but you never know. Ajax beat Real Madrid and when it was suggested that they aren’t the same team without Ronaldo they hunted him down in Italy and beat Juve. Then you’ll have to face Barcelona. No chance.

KMFE: ” I’m actually boycotting football, thank you. You can take your VAR and shove it some way up your jacksie”
I actually wish they’d get rid of VAR because most decisions are not clear cut and close and it doesn’t resolve anything except the odd obvious decision. Other than that how far back do you go – the corner that shouldn’t have been a corner? the original pass that was offside that led to the corner? the foul that got the ball prior to that original pass….

One more Happy Birthday wish for BE:

Filthy Player

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