Week 32 – Back To Playing

The F.A. Cup has been played.  International friendly matches have been played so it’s time to get back into the groove.

I haven’t sorted out everyone’s entries this week yet but that’s because of one of the many excuses I have…. got jigsaw puzzles that don’t build themselves, TV shows that need viewers or they won’t get advertising, food that volunteered as dinner, sleeping that needs catching up on… and of course I needed to do research for the last few weeks to try and catch up with the leader (and stay ahead of the pack).

This weeks quotes:
AM: “Happy Easter. BIG push starts right HERE!”
For GGMU or for you?  Happy Easter all around.

JE: “Haven’t watched any recent footy.”
Already starting with the excuses!

JE:”Watford win again. Big game Chelsea and spurs. I think Chelsea will steal it near the end. “
I wish I was as confident about the Moosemen.  We’ve been pretty dire and as long as we stick with Deeney up-front I’m not sure where the goals are coming from (this is taking into consideration that Deulefeu isn’t around to dive in the box, Richarlison wants to be elsewhere, and Doucoure is already thinking of his summer move to United to replace the Pogs.

ME: “It’s getting rather congested at the bottom and I’m not sure who is going to make the great escape. So I will predict a few draws with just a handful of goals.”
In other words, you are continuing your practice of guessing.  It does seem that youhave taken on the advice of BE who informed you that you have increased odds of scoring high if you pick draws.

Obvious CaptionKMFE: “Won’t end up watching a ton of these, but look like fun games on the whole. After the asinine interview Karren Brady gave the Guardian this week, I am rooting a bit for Pin the Tail on the West Ham Donkeys… ”
Poor Joe Hart.

Quick Match Summary
Whenever I do these summaries I end up with a lousy weekly score.  For some reason it’s almost as if documenting my thoughts cements failure.  I’m doing it this week anyway just for you (that would be BE/ME/JE – I don’t think anyone else reads this).

Arsenal V Stoke City
Aubameyang will not score against a really quality Stoke team that will look to maintain a great run with another victory.

Brighton & Hove Albion V Leicester City
Either Brighton or Leicester will dominate and many goals will be scored at each end.  The final result will definitely not be two teams tied.

Chelsea V Tottenham Hotspur
Spuds are without Kane but “Nice One” Son will score a hat-trick at least and Chelsea will end the day firmly entrenched as a favorite for the coveted Europe League place.

Crystal Palace V Liverpool
Palace usually have no problem scoring but  Liverpool are renowned for their strong defensive posture.  It can only be 0-0.

Everton V Manchester City
Citeh are a modest team who have fans that will not want to win the title at Old Trafford – there is tremendous respect between the Eastland fans of Manchester and the Red Devil fans of Trafford and Beyond.  A surprise Everton win.

Manchester United V Swansea City
Unlike Liverpool, Manchester United are an attacking force with no designs on ever defending.  This will be a goal fest with Swansea eeking out a win.

Newcastle United V Huddersfield Town
Huddersfield are a power away from home and will score a great victory.  The Newcastle fans will still feel that everything is on the right path and will stage a peaceful pitch invasion to beg the current ownership to stay on and not make any hasty decisions on setting up a transfer kitty.

Watford V Bournemouth
The hornets have been on a great run since the disappointing start of the season despite the amicable parting of ways with Silva but the Cherries are a huge team and will probably score a victory.

West Bromwich Albion V Burnley
The Boing Boings are due a boing (they never got their Pardew bounce) and Burnley are forever a disappointment to their fans.  Should be an easy home win unless something shocking happens.

West Ham United V Southampton
It’s the end of the year and the Hammers finally feel comfortable in their new home.   Big victory for the team with the best CEO in the country.


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