Week 28 Picks and Results

This mad rush of games combined with a hectic work schedule make keeping this site up to date more difficult than normal. It also means that I’m probably not as humourous as I would like to be. Here’s a tester joke to see how that theory goes:

Wouldn’t it be funny if Antonio Valencia had played for Valencia, David Villa had played for Aston Villa, and Danny Shittu had played for Spurs?

In real life there’s actually the guy who is his team (almost)

The Guesses

And the results:

Did he really win?

Congrats to JE but given how much he claims to know about football (a lot) he should be finishing lower like LJ 🙂 Of course he claims he’s just guessing every week but I know for a fact that you all pore over the stats and make proper educated and calculated projections.

Special Note for LJ:
I know I said I would pick Hornets 3-0 over the mighty reds but I’m no fool!

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