Week 26 Results

On my last post (2 weeks ago) I forgot to post the picks… and since then my effort in posting updates has been almost Chelski-like.

“Well this group of Chelsea players are lazy. They are not going about their work in the right way. “

Keeper (not) Sleeping on the Job

To solve that problem, Sarri has brought in another former player of his (is this a lazy strategy?). Higuain. A player he looked directly in the eyes at Napoli and said:

“You’re too lazy. If you don’t change your attitude, you won’t become the best centre forward in the world.”

Seems like a perfect fit!

I’m just going to try and do a bit better because I don’t have the money to splash around on a new humorist/writer/blogger/score maintainer!

Results for Last Week

Things are beginning to tighten up at the top as BE is beginning to render the ME/AM rivalry as a fight for distant 3rd and 4th!

BE Mounting a Second Half Surge!

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