Week 26 Picks and 27 Results (?!)

So there was one game played this week that was a bit early. Good result for the Citizens away from home and 3 points that established them back at the top of the table. With Liverpool faltering and struggling to get a consistent defensive line it keeps things interesting. I admit that I wonder why Harry Enfield doesn’t play more and wonder even more what happens once The Ox comes back.

Joke Never Gets Old
After 1 Game it’s Still Anyone’s to Win!

This week most of the picks are in – still waiting for a few. We did lose LS as a player this week but we’ll survive because he wasn’t very good at picking anyway! In all seriousness, I hope he just found a better way to spend his Friday’s than doing pick analysis.

Anyway, there are people that are late!

Most Expensive (and Ugliest) Watch in the World

I can’t tell what time it is on that watch but it’s late.

Weekly Comments

JE: ” Watford will probably win but I thought Everton have been crap and they may have a result in them (by luck I reckon).”
I’m hoping for a win because us Watford fans don’t have much love for Everton:

Where’s the REF??

And of course,more recently:

She Deserves You.

Of course this is a key game for Mr Sila. Seems the Evertonians have expectation that are above their station (perhaps aspiring to be Newcastle?). Another loss and it’s 5 in 6

AM: ” Funny how what I want to happen vs what I think may happen, can be so far apart! GGMU 🙂 “
Thought Wales would lose then, eh? 🙂 It hasn’t been so untrue recently. I think you pick the team in red to win every week don’t you? That’s not been bad in the league recently.

BE:” Nothing to do with predictions, but for our competitors in the USA, the prize jigsaw is of Warwick, UK the home town of BE . “
In the my last post I included a completed 2000 puzzle. That puzzle is Lord Leycester hospital. If you want your own copy there’s one on ebay.

ME: “Man Pretty will scrape home by 1 goal but it will be an easy victory.”
Yes, I’m sure that it will be a 1-0 thrashing?

ME: “Spurs will hammer Leicester…..hopefully:)”

ME: “Watford to win again especially as Everton dislike their manager.”
I think you got this backwards – see earlier comment!

I was going to write up some predictions or do a post on Premier League financials but I will save that for another day.

Good Luck All.

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