Week 25 Results

Results are in and there was a decisive winner this week and it’s …. Chelsea…. well actually it’s AA who turned things around this week and threw down a pretty large 17 points to “walk away” with the Prognosticator of the Week title by a point.

Weekly Scores

The season’s aggregate picks are getting interesting with the rivalry between AM and ME close at 7 points but a recent run by BE getting her tied for second place

Repeat of Last Year?

Last year JCE took a lead in to the second half of the season and slowly drifted with the Hornets and allowed BE to take the lead. Will this year be a repeat? A few poor performances by JCE have occurred while BE picks up the points slowly closing the lead.

This year’s price is definitely going to be as good as last years prize:

Last Year the Winner got a 2000 Piece Puzzle (very impressed it was completed)

Though it may end up being more like the prize two years ago:

Kraken For The Winner

We’ll have to see what I think of.

Prognosticator of the Week
This week’s winner scored 17 points. There is no prize for that except some celebration.

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