Week 22 – Picks

So waiting on more than usual because it’s been a while with the F.A. Cup and other New Years but here are the current picks.

Some Guesses

As for the missing entries, hopefully, they’ll roll in before the games kick off. But we’re still waiting…. here’s a timely reminder.

Time to get a Fancier Watch!

Weekly Comments

JE: “Don’t know why I have put 2-1 to united. Guess I’m just keeping the faith. Liverpool – don’t know why I have put them to lose. Why not.?? .?!.”
Because you’re a United fan!
Of course Manchester United have become everything their fans mocked other clubs for:

They spent money like Man City
They changed managers like Chelsea
They go on about their history and pat triumphs like Liverpool
They aim for Top 4 like Arsenal….

Couldn’t resist!

AM: “Well, this was done in a rush (oversight & NO personal reminder offered up!) “”
A group reminder is not enough? ME never offers up excuses for not having the greatest weeks like. He just admits to totally guessing.

ME: “I hope all of the top teams win otherwise my predictions will be going south again.”
I’m glad that you put IOTJ above the true support for the Potato Chickens.

” I have given another three games the default 2-1 … “
That’s a tactic that beats guessing! Maybe AM should try it rather than using excuses.

KMFE: “Trying the 1-0 contention — let’s see how it REALLY does in a given week…”
That’s a tactic that beats guessing! Let’ hope that everyone has lost their shooting boots!


The Football Equivalent of the ME vs AM rivalry


Brighton v Liverpool
Brighton shouldn’t lose against Liverpool at home or away.

Burnley v Fulham
Burnley should win against Fulham at home or away.

Cardiff v Huddersfield
Cardiff shouldn’t win against anyone at home or away. They will draw.

Chelsea v Newcastle
Chelsea shouldn’t lose to Newcastle at home or away.

Crystal Palace v Watford

Crystal Palace could win against anyone at home or away. But they won’t unless Zaha falls over in the box twice.

Everton v Bournemouth

Everton could win against anyone at home or away. They will.

Leicester v Southampton
Leicester could win against anyone at home or away. Except Newport and Southampton isn’t Newport.

Man City v Wolves
Man City shouldn’t lose to anyone at home or away.

Tottenham v Man United
Everyone seems to think that now that Alex is in charge again Trafford United won’t see another loss ever. They will.

West Ham v Arsenal
West Ham don’t have a real home just a giant cavern that they might win at every now and then. This is not now or then.

Man City v Wolves
Tottenham v Man United
West Ham v Arsenal

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