Week 20 Predictions

And the second-half of the season officially kicks off with Watford about 67.5% safe!

But enough of that… what about this week’s predictions?

Second Half Picks

Still waiting for LS to pick or he will get 0-0 defaults.

*I usually would put up a “timely” reminder image such as Mourinho looking at his watch but I also need to maintain the gratuitous Robert Plant posting (vague-link is that LS is a Wolves fan).

Time Hasn’t Done This Plant any Favours

Weekly Comments

ME: “Is it time to sack Pep? Or will his team play properly this week? If they lose this one KMFE will not have a happy new year…. but it’s got to be a win! So happy new year to you both!”
KMFE says not to get too excited though I did mention that Pep might leave at the end of the year. Any more slip ups and it will not be a happy house!

JE: “


Flew through the picks. Just typed in numbers that seemed to make sense. Zero points for me then. Actually united will win three nil. So will have some.
My gut said Liverpool one arsenal two for some reason so have mentally compensated. Prob means Liverpool will win. For f::::&/£;@38!:7cks sake. They’re going to win the league aren’t they?… my worst nightmare. Why have city turned to shit? Why? I cry.
Watford to smash the sheet out of the Geordie shovel of crap.
Anyway much love and hope these comments are welcomed.
Ps united will prob lose and will get zero points.
Love ya Bruv x”

I loved this comment so much I didn’t want to edit it. It’s tough being a United fan…lol

KMFE:” I’m not loving our form (or luck) at ALL right now, but I will NOT pick against us”
Confirmation of what everyone already knows!

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