Week 2 – Results

I’ve included  the 2 Supercomputer picks in the totals this week.  A quick rundown of what that means:

SC1 picked 2-1 every game this week due to a severe lack of blockchain big analytics data cloud coding framework skills.

SC2 is a top secret algorithm (that won the whole thing in 2016 and was near the top last year) that I will eventually use to deplete the coffers of whatever gambling site sponsors my least favorite team.  It’s not a bad picker.


Results Summary

This week BB – self described legend of randomness – found himself at the top of the mountain.  LJ deserved better for picking the Hornets to win.  AA moved herself up from the basement! LS hopefully had a better birthday week than his picks – and judging by the food he normally gets shoveled in his direction by Masterchef finalists I’m sure that to be the case.

Tragically, ME is already falling well behind AM who after two solid weeks finds himself top of the class.

I will also note that I mocked AM for his seemingly ridiculous pick of 5-0 for Citeh over Huddersfield – which ended up with 2 points for the 6-1 pounding it was!

Forms for the next two weeks are up so no excuses – I will take the last entry before kick-off of the first game.

Week August 25 2018

Week September 1 2018



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