Week 18 Picks – Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the jam-packed Winter schedule. Without further ado the picks are ALL in.

Who is Santa going to Give a Surprise Win.

Shockingly, LJ, got an exact this week with the Wolves v Liverpool game to take an early lead. Don’t panic because based on prior form I don’t expect LJ to maintain this level of accuracy.

Just a short post this week with a Happy Holiday from the Hornets:

Ho Ho Ho Ho…rnets

A Happy Holiday from the Trafford:

Mourin…. Ho Ho Ho Ho

Weekly Comments

LS: ” Can’t back against your own team, no matter what your head says! #wolvesayewe”
You get over it. Even AM backed Liverpool over GGMU last week and I am always picking against Watford. On the bright side you’ve won as many times as you’ve lost so it’s not the worst strategy.
This guy was wet in the stands watching too.

Obligatory Robert Plant the Way he Used to Look for KMFE

ME: “Thanks for all of your efforts and hard work on this weekly fun.”
Nearly half-way through the year. Wonder if you or AM are having more fun?

ME: “Top teams will all win this week. Spurs only just and Man Utd will do a Chelski and have their “Thank God for that” moment.”
You think of the Potato Chickens as a top team? You’re about to lose your manager.

JE: “Wonder what will happen to my team this week with ogs? Fingers crossed we smile, have fun and pass forward, perhaps a little jogging. “
Remember what he did at Cardiff? That…. ?

As for jogging…

Jogging … Jogging Joggggggggiiiiiiinng

KMFE:”What will Arsenal replace St. Totteringham’s Day with now that Tottenham can beat them so reliably? Expecting Man Utd to get a little extra spring with OGS at the helm — the one game bounce…”

“Oh, Arse” Day! When Spurs are too far ahead to catch.

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