Week 17 – Picks

Current state of affairs.

Final Updates For Now

We’re still waiting on some picks to come in and others to potentially change their mind (no true United fan could predict a loss at Anfield!)

LS and JE – Time to Get Yer Picks In

This Weeks Comments

KMFE: “Apparently, snow in and around Manchester this weekend. Should make football interesting…….”
If it was at Old Trafford, I don’t think AM would think the football would get interesting with Mourinho in charge!

LJ:  “Finally the Hornets on course for 3 points.”
Good measuring stick game.  We’ve been playing ok but not getting results against some of the bigger teams and with a loss to Newcastle thrown in it’s been a poor run of results.   A non-result here and this season starts to look like last season.

LJ: “LFC vs United likely to be 0-0 or 1-1 with the double-decker buses by I havenothing to lose so I’m going big.”

Seen Somewhere Between Manchester and Liverpool yesterday

ME:  “Spurs back from theirmidweek triumph will relax and sort Burnley good and proper. “
Potato chicken fans are always over-confident…

ME: “Wolves and Bournemouth will find it hard to get a winner … a draw it is then.”
Shouldn’t this be that Wolves and Bournemouth will find it hard to keep it a winner? 

AM: “Could be anything at Anfield, even worse than my predicted 3-1 but it may finish 0-0, although the way Liverpool are playing I doubt that. If United are to lose then why not 3-1 giving me a much needed ‘exact’ prediction!! “
Hoping for a 3-1 loss… lmfao…

Final comments

I hope this is the week that KMFE does really well … because we seem to have shared quite a few predictions!

Thanks for all the comments.  I don’t include everything that’s written.  If that bothers you then you can write a post now and then!  

Short post this week.   Any ideas for a topic?

2 Replies to “Week 17 – Picks”

  1. You’ll have to enlarge the image of our predictions John boy – can’t see a bloody thing, even with my glasses on! I have to be able to see what mischief ME is up to, gotta be something unsavoury going on there! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m still getting used to the editor which doesn’t default the link to media item. Now if you click on it you will see that so far you are beating ME to a pulp (after one game)

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