Week 16 – Results

Prior Trivia

Over thanksgiving I asked a few questions and I had a couple of people try and answer but I thought I should set the record straight (according to me).

Who was first American to score in the Premier League?  (1)
For team did he score? (1)

Which American scored the most Premier League goals? (1)
For which two teams did he score? (2)

What two teams have had an American play for them this year in the Premier league? (2)

Name four players who have been between the sticks for EPL teams (4)

What feat do Tim Howard and Brad Friedel share with only three other goalkeepers? (1)

What American played for Watford in 2007 after scoring in the Championship Final playoffs the prior year? (1)

How many Americans have managed a game in the Premier League ?  (1)

This weeks results:

Only One Wrong!

Total Points

Prognosticator of the Week

This week it’s BB because he picked Chelsea in the “upset” – which was the lone game I got wrong.  

Don’t forget to make your picks for this weekend.

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