Week 16 – Picks

Here are the current picks minus a few stragglers.   

Current Guesses With Conspicuous Absences.

I do have AM’s picks but it’s too late to post them here right now and I will add tomorrow.  Besides, it will drive ME crazy not knowing how his arch-nemesis is doing@

Time is Running Out

This Week’s Comment

BB: “I’ve been studying the form in the mid December period of each team and their performance relatedto the position of their opponent and form over the last ten years in order to make my predictions…nah just guessed”
When you made picks for this week 3 weeks ago.

BB: “Well I doubt I’ll do as well as last week but I’m using the same system.”
When you made picks for this week yesterday.

I’m not sure what the system is… but it seems like it might be guessing.

KMFE: “Completely random, though I do think we’ll likely draw with Chelsea — they can’t be happy after losing to Wolves…”
That kind of statement won’t make Wolves fans very happy.

ME: “Just looked at my predictions and only Fulham don’t score… seems a little optimistic.. “
I’m don’t think Fulham not scoring is optimistic at all! 


Bournemouth v Liverpool
Last week Liverpool won thanks to a Jordan Pickford moment of madness and new criticism.  It’s not new news that he has short arms.  I expect Liverpool to field a full strength squad this week after barely beating their neighbours across Stanley Park and going one down early on against Burnley with a second team.  Liverpool are approaching top spot in the Premier league but do lack some squad depth that other teams have.

Arsenal v Huddersfield
Flat track bullies.   Noted this week that Arsene has won more trophies retired than he did in the last few years with Arsenal!

Burnley v Brighton
I picked a few hours ago and I don’t remember who I picked.  Thought about going in alphabetical order but it took too much effort to go into second letter tie-breaks.  Burnley are this year what West Brom were to me last year… the team I keep thinking will turn it around.

Cardiff v Southampton
I don’t want to say that Southampton are bad but I’m picking the Welsh team.  Any clues where Sparky ends up next?  I’m looking at potential mid-table teams that might want to get relegated but don’t see any of them hiring.

Chelsea v Man City
It’s hard to pick against the mad genius.

Mad Scientist #Winning

Everton v Watford
Nothing would please a Watford fan more than defeating “30 pieces of” Silva.

We’ll Get Over it

Leicester v Tottenham
Potato chickens are staying in touch with the top which bodes well for an end of year push when they finally get to play at home.   Actually, turns out the stadium isn’t planned for use this year… except if you’re a lucky fan ready to spend some cash.  No doubt to fund some of their big summer signings that they don’t make.

Man United v Fulham
A loss at home and this ex-managerial genius can go back to Portugal. They’ll win.

Not a mad genius.. just mad.

Newcastle v Wolves
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

West Ham v Crystal Palace
The least important London-ish derby the year has to offer.  I really don’t care.  Maybe Zaha will fall over and get a penalty.   Maybe he’s not playing.  I don’t even know.  That’s why my prediction might be wrong.  

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