Week 15 – Results

This week I updated WordPress to a new version and the editor looks completely different.  I’m not sure I like it.  Sounds like a complain that Trafford United fans have this year.   

Weekly Comments
AM: “”Good morning to you. All up & running here in sunny Spain – why wouldn’tit be! Ha.”
Yes, I was having some server issues during a critical time of the week when this site is hammered by the 3 people that bother reading things here and the 9 or so that make entries.  Turns out it had nothing to with my site and was just some random issue.  

AM: “Good work. As a result I have tried to be kind to you & yours inmy prediction by predicting only a 0 – 2 defeat at the hands of Citeh. “
The Hornets have hit a bit of a stumbling block but at I can handle a close loss to the two leaders.  It’s the next three that matter… I’m hoping for 7 points out of the three making us 67% safe.

BE: “I was so bad last week, I thought maybe it would have been better not to pick and take the default scores”
Good decision! Full 7 place jump with probably your highest score of the year!

ME:  “Just looking at my rivalry with AM and I didn’t see AM or JE with two correct results for last week. However, you got my exacts right!!”
There was an error – AM had noticed that the results were a little wrong before you and it was because I had posted Chelsea with a 2-2 draw rather than a 2-0 win.  I then meant to update MY score to a 2-1 because I (rather stupidly changed it from 2-0 to 2-1 before the game) and didn’t do the correct column.  
The correction reduces my score by 3 and doesn’t change AM’s score but just makes it more obvious that it was correct.  Sorry I couldn’t help you there – luckily this week he helped you himself with his picks!!!

Improved Predictions
Dropped me a few places…. BE really did do badly!

Interesting to note that both AM and ME spotted the errors this week!  Rivalry much?

Weekly Predictions and Results

Good Week For BB and me. The me me and not the ME ME
Aggregate Positions

Prognosticator of the Week
I might be biased but this week I would give it to myself because I only got two incorrect.  The strategy this week was to randomly throw out some numbers between 1-3 for the team that looked favorite.   Can’t believe Charlie Austin scored in Fergie time against the Potato chickens keeping me from a QUADzacta.

But BB beat me out on alphabetical grounds.

Don’t forget to pick again this for this weekend.

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  1. How exciting. A new old car and top of the charts all in the same week. And an American car at that! Things are on the up!

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