Week 12 – Picks

This weeks current set of picks (subject to change and additions as we get late entries).  [Edit: Updated with just one outstanding picker], finally.  LS doing well!].

Still waiting for some people.

The Bus is Late

Just a short post this week.  I’ve often thought that Harry the Hornet was one of the best mascots in the world.

Water Hose!

But this week I found a couple of better non-football related mascots worth watching.  The first is a Chicago minor league mascot.

The second is Benny the Bull who has a massive series of fantastic videos.  He retired a couple of years ago.


KMFE:  “C’mon City!!! #bluemoonrising”
ME: “I think Man Pretty will beat United… another close game.”
No comment.  Trying to reduce an often inferred bias: it has been said that I unfairly treat Manchester United by pointing out how annoying they are.

ME: “Spuds will need a bit of luck to beat the parked bus of Palace and may want to buy Zaha after the game. Going to be nail biting.”
What’s going on with Arry?  Isn’t he good enough?

BE: “I did my predictions after BE to ensure no cheating… lol”
Mr Funny man!

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