Week 10 – Picks

Here are this weeks picks.  I thought it would end up being more difficult than it has ended up being so far.

ME is currently winning as he has an exact, a difference, a draw, wins but NOTHING wrong.

Despite this great performance, prognosticator of the week goes to AM who predicted that Watford a.k.a. the “mighty meese” would thump the opposition 3-0!  Well done.

Guesses (subject to change)Some key comments:

“I have Spurs for a win but I think my head didn’t have much to do with this decision; I expect to be the only Spurs picker.”

“Unfortunately, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U could all win..”
With you on four of those.

“I am supporting your Moosemen this week hoping they are over their little blip.”
Not like AM though!

“Enjoy the wedding.”
You were asked about.  I lied and said you looked and were well 🙂

BB:  “I do like the fact I couldn’t put Chelsea down to score 40. Nice.”
I can change that if you really think that’s going to be the score 🙂  I should put checks in to stop people having Spuds score more goals than Citeh!

JE:  “I should have had those three ribs. Food on the plane was horrendous.”
How can a chicken sandwich with no chicken be bad?  It’s just bread.

KMFE: “Dear Arsenal, Figure out what to do with Danny Welbeck. He’s still pretty good.”
Perhaps Citeh will buy him!  He needs to move to a team to play.. He’s better than a bench-warmer.  I’d trade Andre Grey and/or Deeney for him.

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