The Whole of January!

So I have fallen quite a long way behind somehow! The changing schedule is part of it but so is the strange ebb and flow of the season: it’s hard to fully engage and get involved. I don’t know if that’s because the Hornets are firing their manager and playing in lower divisions or whether COVID just makes it all seems somehow just… what’s the word… “meh”.

I’m grouping the games by “Matchweek” as much as possible because the games were played out of order.

I’ll probably do a summary post to summarize all the comments soon. I am just happy that I’m finally caught up….

What? There’s a another game already? What? Multiple games?

Matchweek 17

This was a relatively high scoring week with AA coming out on top with JE and JCE maintaining some top of the table pressure.

I’m not sure what is happening with BE again.

Matchweek 18 (and 1 and 16)

The first really messy week week! A cancellation of a game the same week with it being replaced by an earlier game wasn’t the half of it. Half the games played before Matchweek 19 and half after. Hopefully it’s all straight.

Looks like that completes off three weeks.

Matchweek 19

A normal week except it was in the middle of Matchweek 18!

What happened to BE? I can’t believe that BE is top of the table. Remind me to double check the calculations!

Matchweek 20

Getting closer to being up to date. Good to see LJ doing so well.

Matchweek 21

And we’re caught up (Ish)

Another win for JE? What?

And the Current Standings

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