The Final Week Results (Minus Manchester vs Bournemouth)

Me 4 correct, 2 perfect 8 pts
Dad, Nephew 3 correct 3 pts
Mom, Brother (B) 1 correct 1 pts

Because I’m feeling generous I have left the (s) on the 1 point.  It just looked bad as the singular pt.

Bad day all around for Dad – not winning the final week has left Spurs languishing in third place behind Arsenal.  This might seem meaningless but it does mean that Spurs will have to play a qualifying game against a team like Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi in the Champions league.

Arsenal v Spurs
Arsenal v Spurs

Coming soon… my final table, my look back … and what I got terribly wrong (a lot).  I did pick Palace for the FA Cup when the 3rd Round started so there’s that (but I hate Pardew as much as Trafford United so maybe I won’t watch it).

Finally – Let’s go Wednesday ! Want to see you next year.

Next Year’s Premier League?

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  1. Two more matches for SWFC — got to keep fingers, toes, talons and wings crossed, because based on the first 2 playoff games, Hull are going to walk it…

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