The FA Cup Round 5

Last week my Dad won easily but enough about last week. I’ve got an FA Cup and some time to lick my wounds and come back stronger next week.

Quick Picks

Arsenal 2 1 Hull City
Reading 0 1 West Brom
Watford 2 1 Leeds
Bournemouth 0 2 Everton
Blackburn 1 0 West Ham
Tottenham 1 2 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 2 1 Manchester City
Shrewsbury 1 3 Manchester United

Picking Watford to continue on a good cup run because I’m a fan!

Picking Palace because I tipped them to win the whole thing and I can’t change my mind just because they didn’t get Shrewsbury.

Chelsea over Citeh… because I already had Citeh dumped in an earlier round.

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