That’s Almost All She Wrote

So the final games have been played and the table has been finalized.

Congratulations to the Cityzens for another League Title…in large part to a master strike from an unlikely source:

Great Goal!

If it hadn’t gone in we’d have remembered an even better goal earlier in the year:


And here we have it:

No Surprises At the Top or Bottom

Most of us had Citeh at the top of the table. BB had Liverpool but most amusing top of the table goes to ME who should win PrognostiLoser of the Year for this:

They Lost?

As for our totals – I turned the missing picks over the Mark Lawrenson

Picker Extra-Ordinary

and here are the final results.

Great Week for JE and a lousy week for JCE

And the season long winner is……

Congrats JCE! No we just need to figure out what the winner gets.

And …..she hasn’t started yet…so it’s not all she wrote.

I only Sing when I’m Winning

Let’s go Orns!

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