Round 05 2017/2018 – Premier League Results

This week was a bad week for yours truly – started with an exact pick of Bournemouth at home to Brighton (as did many) and then it was truly downhill.

But the week was actually far worse for me.

Not only did I have to watch the Citeh put 6 (six) past the Hornets, I also got to hear how “My picks suck” , “I’m doing badly this week”, “I’ve only got one exact score so far” from KMFE as I got pick after pick wrong and slowly got to realize I was being pounded.  Luckily for me, AM had another dire week !

What you should remember is that it doesn’t matter if you didn’t pick Burnley to draw with Liverpool because no one did!  In fact, the only person who picked Burnley was Liverpool super-fan LJ.   Seriously, what kind of a fan are you?  You’re worse than Carragher!

2nd Worst Liverpool Fan

But on to the results for the week.  For those who don’t think there’s randomness to this it should be noted that ML is Mark Lawrenson the expert picker and former Liverpool player.   He didn’t pick Burnley to win because he’s not blinded by his fan insecurity!


The My first picks were not bad but I ended up with some last minute changes that did me in.  Time to do what this week’s winner BE and runner-up KMFE did and just go with my gut and guess!  Let’s see how that goes this week.

But seriously… Congratulations on being this week’s winner and runner-up.

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