Round 06 2017/18 – “”Hopefully no fairy story for Gareth Barry …..”

This feels a little like the past … the clock is ticking … and we are waiting for one lone party to pick

JE Time

[Edit: JE finally picked early Saturday!].

Everyone’s Picks Are In

So about a week ago I got a lovely e-mail from the people at the Premier League.

The Results Brilliant Football Mind

I didn’t even realize that there were prizes and as such I thought this might be spam so I logged in to my account and checked. This is what I saw:

Six Points short of the highest score of the week! If only I had played my triple points card!

So I ranked 14, that sounds pretty good!  I wonder out of how many that is ….

100 points short! If only I had a Completely Different Team

Turns out that the week before I was ranked about 4, 336,219 places lower!  Not random at all.

Well on to the picks for the week.  It was a terrible week last week predicting and that was with the advantage of knowing the result from Friday!

Arsenal V West Bromwich Albion

Today’s guest comment “Hopefully no fairy story for Gareth Barry …..”.  Chased by Arsenal a few years back Gazza is about to set a Premier League record for appearances overtaking another guy that you may have heard of.  I predict Danny Welbeck  is hurt and Ozil will be lazy.. but Arsenal will still win this one.

Barry – 632 Games and Counting
Ryan – Could Only Manage 632 Games

Brighton & Hove Albion V Newcastle United

Hughton will have set his stall out to gain points against the bottom tier teams (I know Newcastle fans *think* they’re a big team but they’re not).  Newcastle have won a few on the bonk but all runs come to an end and a tie seems inevitable.

Burnley V Huddersfield Town

Last year Burnley won everything at home and lost everything away.  This year it’s going to take a few games to figure out who they are.  Huddersfield are a low scoring and will sit for a draw.  I expect this to be 0-0 but might predict 1-1 because I want to see a couple of goals (and choices affect outcomes).

Everton V Bournemouth

Everton are a bit all over the place.  Bournemouth have been rubbish.  All over the place trumps rubbish.

Leicester City V Liverpool

Vardy is back and always scores 2 against Liverpool.  Liverpool don’t defend so add another to that 2.  Probably enough to hold off a scouse team that tries to outscore the opposition.

Manchester City V Crystal Palace

Everyone is expecting a lot of goals which is hardly surprising when the teams have combined for 11 in their last 2 games.  The route is on!

Southampton V Manchester United

I’m still not sold on Manchester United.  Expect it to be tight again with team from near Manchester getting a late goal to seal a wholly undeserved victory.

Stoke City V Chelsea

I always seem to think Stoke are worse than they are.  I also got into a habit of thinking Chelsea were worse than they are. I’m left with no choice but to pick the least worst team.

Swansea City V Watford

Hard game to pick and when that happens you go with the Bingo call.

Watford to get a Point Away? Quackers!

West Ham United V Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs will win.  Bilic will be fired.


Next week I’ll post a puzzle update – ooooh, how exciting!