Round 26 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks

No entries yet from JE or KMFE so lets hope they get in on time.

It’s too Late for Ranieri!

This week’s round will be odd as two games have been postponed due to the Coca-Cola-Capital-One-No-One-Cares-Milk Cup. The round will thus be complete sometime in April when the matches are made up. I will just announce interim winners and final winners later (you can change your guesses up until kick-off so don’t feel obligated to stick with 2-2 draws for the Manchester teams)

Some Guesses

Chelsea v Swansea

Swansea seemed to have turned back the relegation tide and are playing much better football – I guess Bradley really didn’t work well for the team I blame his personality which was that of a rock.

Bob Bradley

Chelsea will, at home, extend their lead at the top of the table.

Palace v Boro

I really want Sam to get fired so my heart is hoping that Boro can get a win on the road but they just don’t score and Crystal Palace can.  Boro playing for a 0-0 will hold on for 89 minutes and give up a crappy corner than results in Benteke getting grabbed and being awarded a dubious penalty.  In the 94th minute Boro try to get a single point and give up a goal to an empty net when Victor V goes up to participate as a forward. This is a very specific prediction for some reason.

Everton v Sunderland

Who knows what Everton team will show up. Who knows what Sunderland team will show up. Sticking with my 1-1 scores for the Toffeemen.

Hull v Burnley

Burnley were seemingly unbeatable at home and useless away.  After giving up a walk-over to the F.A. Cup their confidence has to be shattered a little bit. Hull will take advantage.

Leicester v Liverpool
Klopp wasn’t surprised by the firing of Claudio –

“I heard about it yesterday night.  Am I surprised that things like this can happen? No. It’s not only football, eh? For me, there’s been a few strange decisions in 16-17: Brexit, [Donald] Trump, Ranieri” and of course Lovren starting and buying Karius.

Despite the fact that the new caretaker, Mr Shakespeare, didn’t get on with Ranieri … he was available for comment on how a senior player helped management with the decision:

“This was the most unkindest cut of all;
For when the noble Ranieri saw him stab,
Ingratitude, more strong than traitor’s arms,
Quite vanquish’d him; then burst his mighty heart;
And, in his mantle muffling, up his face,
Even at the base of Pompey’s statue,
Which all the while ran blood, great Ranieri fell.”

All in all it was sad that the players turned on their manager that took them on a run for the ages.  I expect them to try and prove that the owners were right to pull the carpet from underneath him.
As Klopp was talking of Trump we should see what he has to say.

Trump, Sad

Tottenham v Stoke

In Dele Ali I think we’ve found the new Roy Keane – great player, scores critical goals, commands midfield, attempts to destroy careers.

Roy Keane Playing for Spurs

Expect a easy win despite Stoke being a tough opposition.

Watford v West Ham

Watford aren’t good enough to finish outside the bottom 7. West Ham are good enough to be in the Top 7.  Home field advantage to the Hornets?  Maybe not, I think West Ham prefer to be away from their cavernous stadium

West Brom v Bournemouth

Underestimate the baggies at your peril.  Bournemouth have hit a wall 4 L 1D for last five… their fortunes have to turn around but it won’t happen this week.