Round 03 2017/2018 – Premier League Picks

The Entry Form – The Error

A couple of you caught the slight error on the form in that caused your score predictions guesses to be emailed against last weeks games.  So the first game this week  is Bournemouth taking on Citeh… and the email showed your scores against for last week’s first game: Bournemouth against Watford.

I noticed when people had Watford scoring 3 or 5 goals.  Silva may be more attack minded that Mazzari but they aren’t scoring 5 any time soon.

The Entry Form – What I Miss

While the form is more efficient, easier, and keeps people’s peeping eyes of other’s predictions guesses I do miss the good old days of trying to enter hand written photos and  remembering the 80s when bands were bands and everyone was wearing short shorts.

George and Andrew take on United.
They wear short shorts

Back then…everyone wore short shorts….

He wears really short shorts

The Entry Form – What I Miss Part II

JE likes to make up team names.  I miss that.  I’ll have to think about how he can continue to incorporate his personality into the entries – I’ve tried to play along.

The Entry Form – Comments and Some Responses

Some people actually write comments.   Please do.  I really do like this and I will respond to the comments.

This weeks pick of the comments:

“Miss writing man shitty.”
I know you do.   But you got to write it in the comment so you didn’t really miss it at all did you.

“Mum likes romelu. Lol.”
I used to like him more.

“How was mark lanegan?”
I think we’re getting off topic but his voice appears to be working a lot better than his body.  Drugs, unlike milk, do not do a body good.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if the Hornets lose”
An image response for this one:

Going out on a Limb There.

“This weeks results will be [his picks]”
Last week’s winner getting a little cocky writing this with his picks !  Slightly taken out of context 🙂

The Picks

No late picks this week.  Everything on time just like the great British train service.  So…just a quick run through.

Wild Ass Guesses

Bournemouth V Manchester City
Lost at home to the Mighty Moose of St Albans and everyone writes you off… 0-3,0-5 at home?  Shitty (that’s for your JE) will win but it won’t be comfortable at all.  Did everyone miss the game where they salvaged a draw against Everton?

Chelsea V Everton
Everton are decent but I don’t see Rooney scoring three weeks in a row and Chelsea aren’t as bad as their opening game nightmare.

Crystal Palace V Swansea City
Two lower half teams.  It hasn’t been a factor in recent years but Selhurst park is loud and will give the Eagles and edge and let them defeat the Swans.  It’s not a must win but the Palace manager Frank de Boer has called it a must win.
If it’s a must win they must win.

Huddersfield Town V Southampton
Huddersfield averaged under a goal a game and play a possession heavy game.  This worked against Newcastle (barely) but this week they will fail to score and the Saints will slip in a late winner.

Liverpool V Arsenal
Everyone wants to believe Liverpool are better than they are and that Arsenal are better than they are….so everyone is hedging a draw.  Arsenal will give it a good run but will end up losers in a back and forth affair.

Giroud comes on the field and for once is not the worst haircut playing…until Firmino goes to the bench at least.   Jason Lee, we miss you.

Manchester United V Leicester City
The key moment in recent memory for Leicester was a 5-3 win over the Red Devils.  It would be really nice if they could repeat that feat but it won’t happen.  The foxes are a better team this year than last and aren’t distracted by the Champions League…  Lukaku will probably score a hattrick and take his shirt off for BE.

Newcastle United V West Ham United
West Ham.Are.Rubbish.

Tottenham Hotspur V Burnley
“Hopefully Spurs second away home game will be a better result!”   Where there’s hope there’s a way.

Watford V Brighton & Hove Albion
Easy win for the Moosemen now that we extricated ourselves from the Milk, Coca Cola Rumbelows Littlewoods League Cup.  Should be a thriller with Brighton holding out for a 0-0 draw against a  team no

West Bromwich Albion V Stoke City

If any game screams a draw this one is it. Reminds me of when I picked the Baggies as 1-0 every game.