Round 37 Prediction and Round 26 Results

Results finalized for Round 26!  Yes, that round that was 12 Rounds ago and the winner was……not me, so it’s unimportant.

I Didn’t Even Finish 2nd

The week has already started and it’s official!  Chelski are officially the most annoying club in English football and Spurs the most disappointed.

Ugh… Back to the Big Three again….

Here are the picks for this week.  It might not seem like it matters with relegation mostly set (Sunderland.Boro and probably Hull) and the Champions crowned… but in this little pick competition we need to sort out who finishes last for the season (it’s very close).

Updated Guesses

Today is Music Word Association day.

Bournemouth V Burnley

Both teams are safe and both teams are mid-table and the result has the potential to flip-flop their positions.  Burnley have won away now so the monkey is of their back but I have to go with the home team.


Crystal Palace V Hull

I really want Hull to win.  I really want Swansea to win. I really want Big Sam to get relegated and disappear from the sport.  Unfortunately, Benteke will do what Milner couldn’t and put a penalty in the back of the net.  Hull take one step closer to disappearing (they will not be a bounce team like Newcastle…this is the start of a fall into the abyss of … it will feel like Gravity’s Gone and they’re just floating.


Everton V Watford

The Toffee men have been rampant at home and Watford have been useless.  I don’t see that changing… thank God we’re pretty much safe.


Man City V Leicester

Citeh score a lot and Leicester have started to look more like the team of last year.  I don’t see anything goalless within a million miles of this game.  I’m sure Citeh will look to consolidate their top 4 finish.


Middlesbrough V Southampton

Boro are down and Southampton have been disappointing recently so in a game where there is nothing to play for I’m sure the atmosphere will be bland and the game equally so.  In meaningless games you have to give it to the home team.


Stoke V Arsenal

Arsenal know how to finish in the top 4 and that will happen and to make that happen.  Every year they finish top four.  Never champions and not always the bridesmaid… and now behind spuds.  Arsene on the brink of leaving, Sanchez on the brink of leaving, Ozil happy making lots of money… Every fan is asking, “surely there is more than this?”


Sunderland V Swansea

Sunderland are down and Swansea are on the precipice….  for Sunderland the fans have been watching this pitiful team.  The fans are moving on…and even their mom’s don’t like them and she likes everyone.  In one last vain attempt to give hope for next year they will hold Swansea to a draw making the last week a relegation special.
Note:  I made up the word association here to get this in for JE.  Every time I hear this song it brings back good memories.


Tottenham V Man Utd

Trafford United are playing Ajax to get into the Champions League so this game will not be played with full effort or force. Spurs will want to end strong and prove that they ever had a chance of winning the league.  Summing up Manchester United fans so far this year?  Disappointed.  This result will not help.


West Brom V Chelsea

West Brom will play defense and play for a draw because that’s what they are supposed to do.  They won’t want to hand the title to Chelsea and will play 10 back (not including the keeper) and invite wave after wave of attack  Of course it won’t hold and once you’ve set your stall out you can’t adjust … so it will either be 1-0 or a battering.  I kind of expect Chelsea to score early and then it will be a game of patience for the fans watching two teams not wanting to attack.


West Ham V Liverpool

Another draw for the Reds leaving them hanging on a thread for a spot in Europe… certainly not the Mersey Paradise the fans were hoping for.

Bonus Mark Lanegan Material

This season has not been the revival season that scousers had hoped for… but better than the empty season West Ham have had in their mostly empty stadium leaving their fans with no expectations.  Wasn’t the revival that Karen Brady was looking for either.

And of course for Chelski bonus Fred: