Round 25 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 24 Results)

Well…. last week ended and it was another good showing for me… however, it was a better showing for LJ who eeked out a narrow victory.

LJ Won!

Bit of a pyrrhic victory though as he benefited from Hull winning over hit beloved Liverpool.

I can’t Believe it
It’s so sad
we lost to Hull!

So here are this weeks picks.

Weekly Guesses

This week the picks were in time from everyone.

Well Done JE – On Time!

Arsenal vs hull
Arsenal managed to throw the league away (again) and so now there’s nothing to play for so they can go back to their old normal routing of looking good, throwing it away, and finishing ahead of Spuds.  Maybe throw a cup-run in there.  Hull have improved but they sold their primo kick-taker and will struggle.

Boy rematch vs man shitty
Bournemouth like to score.  Citeh have a worse than average goalkeeper. Bournemouth will therefore score. Luckily,Citeh have Jesus on their side… in fact, they have two.. and that will be enough to cover up the cracks.

Burnley vs Chelsea
If the league was based only on home results, Burnley would be in third place so they are always good for a result (unless they play the team that’s top of the table with the best home and away records).

Liverpool vs spuds
Scousers are all over the place… they win,they draw, they lose, they lose, they lose… perhaps it’s actually more of a trend than I realized.  Spurs are winning and drawing but not losing.  I would pick a team to win but I think Chelsea are going to have another great week where the competitors fall to the wayside.   Whatever the case,the game will be full of twists and turns.

We’re Winning! Drawing! Losing?! Losing….Winning!

Man yoo vs Harry the hornet
It was 3-1 at Vicarage Rd but this is at Old Toilet.  Last week was Graham Taylor’s funeral and this week he’s with the Turnips in the Sky.  Harry loses his sting.

Boro vs lukaku
Boro don’t want to lose and fall into a relegation dogfight so will close up shop. Lukaku will score and take his shirt off.  Women sigh.  Men get totes jelly.  Twice, at least.

It’s My Birthday…suit

Stoke vs palace
Sam for the can.  Stoke at home.  Easy

Sunderland vs saints
Not sure how Sunderland are bottom (except they keep losing).  I made the mistake of picking against them and I’ll do it again (another time).  I said that Sunderland didn’t have a full team but the Saints don’t have a full defense and the best part of it is gone.

Taffs vs leishittyerthanlastyear
What were the odds last year of Leicester winning the league and then being relegated?  No one had that bet?  Oh … well that’s a darn shame.

Hammers vs wba
West Ham, East Ham, South Ham, North Ham… who the hell knows what direction the Hammers are going but this week feels like up.