Suicide Picks

Will restart next-week.  I need to sort out how to do this a bit better.

This is a bit like Watford .. not moving forward quickly.. and if you ask too many questions I’ll get defensive. 

This might be like like Man United .. It’ll get there eventually.. but it will only happen if the fans complain enough.

This might be like Liverpool… it was working great before and we’ll ignore the middle years and just not shut up when it’s good again

This might be like Man City… not a lot of people will watch it and whatever you do will be better than what we had at Maine Road

This might be like Spurs… except I don’t have my future invested in this and it won’t destroy me when everyone leaves

This might be like Arsenal… it might work … then it won’t.. then it will… but it’s always going to be Ozil’s fault because he was too lazy to get it done.