Round 8 – English Premier League

Here are today’s picks. I’m not confident so I’m reserving my comments.

10/3/20115 Crystal Palace 1 0 West Brom
10/3/20115 Aston Villa 1 2 Stoke
10/3/20115 Bournemouth 1 1 Watford
10/3/20115 Manchester City 2 1 Newcastle
10/3/20115 Norwich 2 2 Leicester
10/3/20115 Sunderland 0 1 West Ham
10/3/20115 Chelsea 2 1 Southampton
10/4/2015 Everton 1 1 Liverpool
10/4/2015 Arsenal 2 1 Manchester United
10/4/2015 Swansea 1 2 Tottenham

Spent some time today doing a points comparison table – green is where I’ve predicted higher points than achieved and red lower points than achieved.



Once again I’m overrating Arsenal.

Title Winners

Was hoping the trend would be getting lighter but it appears I’m getting darker – I have Everton well under so I’m almost hoping Liverpool win but I think it’s going to be a hard fought tie.

Let’s Fight… a hard earned tie


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